Love Me, Cupid

Sylvia Fox

Love Me, Cupid

Love Me, Cupid

  • Title: Love Me, Cupid
  • Author: Sylvia Fox
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  • Page: 389
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Most people don t believe that you can find true love on a reality television show but I m here on Cupid s Arrow ready to prove them wrong But I have a secret I m not in love with this season s bachelor.I m in love with the show s host, Sean With broad shoulders, dreamy eyes, and experience this older man has had me wet for years Every time the show comes on my Most people don t believe that you can find true love on a reality television show but I m here on Cupid s Arrow ready to prove them wrong.But I have a secret I m not in love with this season s bachelor.I m in love with the show s host, Sean With broad shoulders, dreamy eyes, and experience this older man has had me wet for years Every time the show comes on my vibrator comes out.No one can know The show will sue me if they find out I m not playing by their rules.But I m here for one reason and one reason only to give Sean my virginity.He already has my heart, now it s time for him to give me his arrow.His big, hard, arrow.I know just where I ll put it.

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2.5 ALMOST WORTH IT STARS. "I'm bringing sexy back one mocha at a time. Said no one ever." I will admit that this book made me laugh and giggle at time but the story was ridiculous so why wouldn't I laugh, Right? But wasn't feeling the love with these Characters. The storyline is somewhat original as a book but it's been done to death at the TV show. It's like the bachelor but instead they give Cupid arrows. The hero is the host of the show and the heroine is lusting after him and has been for y [...]

This book was a slight departure then what I'm use to from Sylvia Fox, where the h&h didn't know each other. It was still insta love though.Sylvia Foxs book always make me laugh cause they really are far fetched but, that's why I like them. This was no angst, funny, steamy & a quick book.Hailey has been wanting to give her virginity to the host of Cupids Arrow (Sean) since she was a teen. Until one night her and her bff fill out a application to be on the show but, she Jessa doesn't know [...]

I liked this book but I didn’t love it. It is a cheesy romance that you can read in one sitting. I liked that Hailey knew what she wanted. She knew she wanted Sean and didn’t stray from her desires. I liked that Sean liked Hailey as soon as he saw her and I thought they were a suited couple. The ending was cute and to be honest my favourite scene in the story. When Hailey’s roommate signs her up for a TV show the last thing she expects is to be accepted as a contestant. But Hailey has a se [...]

This book was a little different than most of Sylvia Fox's romances; it still had the steamy sex, the older man/younger woman romance, and it had the forbidden aspect to it. But in this case it wasn't that he was a family friend in any way; in this story the woman's love interest is the host of a popular dating show. So how does she catch his attention? By going on the show of course. Hailey loves watching Cupid's Arrow for one reason – the host Sean has caught her eye. She decides one night t [...]

A Fun ReadHailey has had a thing for TV host Sean for years, but when they meet its instant love for him and installations for both of them. The problem is that she's in the reality show that he hosts--a a love candidate for another man. Some sneaking around and a lot of hot stolen moments.

Love me CupidSylvia does it again. I really enjoyed this one. I liked the premise of it being like The Bachelor, even though I detest that show. I liked the idea that Hailey had a thing for the host rather than the bachelor. Those scenes were hot.

I expected something a little bit different, with more funny moments during shooting (like it was kind of promised by heroine). But I enjoyed the story so I didn't care about it. Much. ;)

I think because this one is so different from the others makes me love it so much

1.5 stars

Fun and Sexy. You know what you get when you read this series. Not much of a plot. Sexy times!

Liz the bargain shopperGood story. Could have used more romance and a few less mistakes. A little more sex would have been nice.

**3.5 Stars**Hailey has been a fan of the show Cupid's Arrow since it started, and in that time she developed a crush on the host, one that grew into a yearning to meet him. Hailey filled out an application for the show with her best friend, Jessa. But Jessa believes Hailey wants a chance with the bachelor, Josh.Sean has been the host of Cupid's Arrow since it started ten years ago. Every year he gets a little more jaded with how everything is orchestrated to end a certain way, and he's highly s [...]

Amazing readThis book was hot hot hot I love a good book with great characters . And lots of love

I really enjoyed reading this book. Cupid has a strange way of shooting his arrow. As a matter of fact the inevitable occurs to Sean, a famous host of a reality show that has money, fame but lacks in love. Sean is looking for the love of his life and what better occasion than finding her on his show? He’s quite uncertain that a real woman can sparkle his interest . Ashley on the other hand, has always been madly in love with Sean and her dream is to meet him in person. For this reason she deci [...]

Normally in a reality tv show where one bachelor is expected to choose his life partner from among too many applicants,one would have expected love blossoming between these two.But it is the opposite in this story.Here we have Hailey our heroine,pining for the reality show host Sean instead.Sean's opinion on love changes wholly after he meets the gorgeous and sweet laid back Hailey.Sparks flew and the pair spent marvellous time together.However it is not long before things begin to threaten thei [...]

True love happens the instant that Sean laid eyes on Hailey. Even though Hailey was picked as a contestant on the reality series Cupid Arrow, she was not their to marry the bachelor, but was there because she loved the host. This quirky tale was s fun and quick read. I wonder who Sylvia Fox will write about next.

Love Me, Cupid, is a fast & fun filled story of two characters who didn't know each other personally prior to meeting, but once they are together there is no denying there is more, much more. Add in a little suspense/intrigue and you have a late night story to read before bed or anywhere you choose.

I was seriously smiling when I finished this book. Hailey has been a fan of the dating show Cupids Arrow for a long time but she has been an even bigger fan of the host of the show Sean. For Sean it is love at first site. Read to find out if Hailey makes it to the final arrow and what will happen if she gets it. A fun quick read.* I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book *

I volunteered to review an ARC in order to provide an honest review. Sylvia Fox strikes again! I don't think I could have asked for a more perfect couple than Hailey and Sean. A huge takeaway from this story is that you shouldn't be afraid to take a chance on love.

Addictive! I just love everything Sylvia Fox writes. These books are definitely a quick, sexy guilty pleasure for me. I loved Sean and Hailey, they are a great pair. Can't wait to read her next book!

yes yes and more yestrue live at first sight yes it can happenwill he lose his jib as the host for falling deep in love with the contestant of his dreami cant wait for your next book

Short read. Sylvia Fox does a great job with these shorter books! They are a great read! This is a younger woman, older male relationship. Which at first I was never a fan of, but I tried out Sylvia Fox's books and I really got into them.

Sugary Sweet InstaLoveThis was pure instalove and instalust. Hailey and Sean have to sneak around. There story is sweet with HEA. I enjoyed this novella.

I liked this story. This is a deviation from the author's normal father's best friend/ best friend's father storyline. I liked the take on The Bachelor tv show. Cute read.

Sweet bookI liked this book. It was a good short story to read. I liked the insta-love from the characters. I hope to read more from this author.

A hot little secret This was a great novella, very steamy yet sweet. A love story behind the scenes of a reality show. It really was a fun read.

It wasnt that bad but it was okay. I wish the storylines were expand a little bit more. It was more like short story.

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