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  • Title: Violet
  • Author: Lily Hammond
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Fran is a successful single woman with friends, a social life, and a bookshop If there is anything she feels is lacking well there is always time for that later She s content, even if she hasn t found the right woman yet That s what she thinks, until she s knocked unconscious Fran wakes up in a life straight out of the past it s early in the 20th century a completFran is a successful single woman with friends, a social life, and a bookshop If there is anything she feels is lacking well there is always time for that later She s content, even if she hasn t found the right woman yet That s what she thinks, until she s knocked unconscious Fran wakes up in a life straight out of the past it s early in the 20th century a completely different world for her to navigate With no bearings set, she s whisked off to the coast as companion to a troubled cousin Violet, not knowing if she can trust this artistic and passionate woman, whose love for life is breaking Stranded in this old world, Fran must come to terms with being the same person in a different time, and build a life she can accept But it s 1916, there s Violet, and there s one big question could love be what life s all about

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If you love character driven stories this is one to sit up and take notice of. While the story is primarily told from Fran's point-of-view, both leading ladies are three dimensional and captivating. I found myself constantly wondering what chance they had of a happy ever after. I never could have predicted what the outcome, as, well, it was so very different to anything I've ever read before.If you've ever wondered about reincarnation, life before and/or after death, this story will certainly gi [...]

I love time travel stories, and so I had to read this book. And I definitely didn't regret it. It was a very good read.Specially funny was the part when the time traveler tried to explain internet, tablets, ereaders back in 1916!

Love is stronger than anything else!This book has a most enjoyable mixture of mystery, history, beautiful poetry and woven together by an excellent love story. I loved the step back in history and I loved how both women are able to survive during such a time in history where men consider themselves superior to women. The story is incredible and it was impossible to put down. A very interesting spin on time travel and a treasure to devour.

BrilliantI could not have loved this book more than I did. It is a mystery within a love story within a mystery. Wonderful characters. Incredible story. Sad yet happy and at times funny. Strength and courage and hope. If you read one book this year read this one. So very charming and deserving of high praise. Lily Hammond has written one heck of a book. Impossible not to love it.

Disappointing I really like the idea of this story, and it was good at first. I wanted to get a more visual picture of living in 1916. The descriptions were too repetitive, like the description of the characters eyes every time they talked to each other, or describing their skin color (like pale etc). It wasn't written well enough for me and I started almost skimming it over half way through. I just got through reading the book Juliana 1944 (an amazing book!) and it's a lesbian historical romanc [...]

The MC's, Fran and Violet, find each other after Fran has a freak accident and somehow ends up one hundred years in the past, in 1916. How Fran handles life in the early 20th century with speaking properly and wearing skirts, of all things, is fascinating. And later in the book trying to explain 21st century technology to Violet was funny.Well worth the read. I look forward to more from Lily Hammond (aka Kate Genet). Her books are always properly edited and there were very few errors still in th [...]

Simply a wonderful book. It’s what I want in a romantic story, to take me to another time and place. Violet did just that. Well written and crafted with characters that you get to know and love. A fabulous story that I would, and have, highly recommend. Made me want to go back to the early 1900’s, find a gf that’s a painter, move the south of France and open a bookstore. 😊

Truly remarkable!What an amazing story! I've never read anything else like it. Just WOW ! I didn't want their story to end. To me that is how I know that I just read an awesome novel that I will get to enjoy again and again. Give this book a chance and you will know what all the 5 stars about

Oh MyLoved It!What an exciting and interesting story. Draws you in right away. Keeps you interested. I loved it. Original. The characters are amazing and I loved them as well. Don't pass this story up.

You must read thisTruely a tail for the ages. It's a beautifully spun story that , literally, transcends time. Love is strong within the pages of this book.

Very enjoyable read!Violet is a sweet, steamy, mysterious and intriguing book. I very much enjoyed the journey it took me on. While the book had a couple of typos, it didn't take away from the story. Really sweet book and I recommend you give it a read.

(Review also appears on my blog, Friend of Dorothy Wilde)So opens Violet, a time-travel romance about a woman haunted by alternate timelines, an artist with the opportunity to change her future, and the ultimate choice--your love, or the only life you knew? After hitting her head on the morning of her best friend's wedding, our narrator wakes up in 1916 with the instruction to join her cousin Violet on a seaside journey for her health. Of course, it's not about her health at all--her father is b [...]

Brilliant! Read it!

Brilliant The authors prose is tight yet evocative, the plot is intriguing without being convoluted, and the character development is rich in detail and nuanced.A read that will transport you, filling your head with beautiful imagery and your heart with hope.

This book was right up my alley. Not your typical storyline. I absolutely loved this book. I enjoyed the creativity of the plot as well as the beautiful love story. This was a brilliantly written book and I will now look for more books by this author. I've now read two and will read more.

‘It is a beautiful story, ours,’ I whisperedThat it is. A beautiful story beautifully written. It left my head spinning and my mind reeling with questions and possible answers. 2016 - 1916 Fran determination to save Violet redefined time. I really enjoyed the poetry within the book. Fran was quite the romantic.

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