Twice the Hands to Hold

Louis Stevens

Twice the Hands to Hold

Twice the Hands to Hold

  • Title: Twice the Hands to Hold
  • Author: Louis Stevens
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  • Page: 500
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Twin brothers Brian and Matt Walker went to live with their mother s brother after the death of their parents at an early age Brian is still wracked with the guilt he carries around from a young age and sees the world through a distorted lens of self loathing When he meets a sexy and interested college aged guy at the beginning of his senior year of high school, he may hTwin brothers Brian and Matt Walker went to live with their mother s brother after the death of their parents at an early age Brian is still wracked with the guilt he carries around from a young age and sees the world through a distorted lens of self loathing When he meets a sexy and interested college aged guy at the beginning of his senior year of high school, he may have finally found someone who can help him escape his mundane existence Matt has his life all planned out he longs for a solid career in journalism after graduating college But his tenuous hold on family life threatens his dreams of independence, as does the attentions of a closeted new transfer to their school Can Matt pull away enough from his family to come into his own And will Brian finally get to grips with his past and allow his twin to chase his own happiness

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Full disclosure: I know the author of this book personally and consider him a close FB friend. And it was indeed due to said friendship that I picked up Twice the Hands to Hold.Another admission, this is a book I'd consider far from my wheelhouse. My go-to reads tend to be much darker, grittier, and I admit, depraved. This book, on the other hand, is definitely what I'd consider sweet.That said, I enjoyed the hell out of it! The main character's relationships, their history, and their quest for [...]

So very excited for this author and for this release. Can't wait for the world to meet Matt and Brian!! Beautiful coming of age story about love, loss, and family. <3

That was a very impressive story. It was smooth written Really very enjoyable. It pulled me in and touched me deeply. It was warm, sweet, funny, realistic, sensitive and heartbreaking. Give us a look in the life of three guys. A twin Brian and Matt and their uncle Jake.We have a look into their personal lifes and how they handle and co-operate. At a young age they lost their parents in a car accident. Jake, self a young man, took custody and we see them grow up together.Their story and personali [...]

4.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.This was such a pleasant surprise and wonderful coming of age story. I don’t normally read them, but this one didn’t take long to pull me in and keep me turning the pages.These boys have it pretty good now, even though it was a rough start losing their parents at such a young age. Their gay uncle stepped up to raise them though, and he’s done a fine job up to this point. The boys certainly don’t make it easy for him, but then, very few teenagers do.Ma [...]

This was a well written book! The characters are realistic & likable! This is my first book with twins. I loved that the book was written with POV from all the characters! I laughed & cried! This is my first book from this author but will not be my last! I want a book 2! Without giving away the book, it's a great read & a sexy as hell treat!

Twice The Hands to HoldI was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review****This is a beautiful read. I think I was caught off guard by Mr. Stevens with this one. I was not expecting this wonderful coming of age story. The characters are so masterfully developed and will stay in your heart and mind for days after your done reading their amazing story. There is most definitely some gut wrenching moments in this book and you will feel every bit of the emotions that just seem to grip [...]

Went into this book expecting some taboo, which there is a little, but found a very sweet, sometimes angsty story. Orphaned twins living with their uncle, who has nothing but love for them. All of them trying to build relationships and afraid to face love outside of their little family. I fell in love with Brian, Jake and Matt. I want to know what happens for them nextLouis has created such a beautiful story and family, I'm eager to read more by him.I also read the alternative ending. I think ha [...]

I think I liked this book. The writing is beautiful, the characters are so detailed and real, the story is by turns, heart warming, heart breaking, sad and hopeful, and the ending is beautiful. The relationship between Brian and Matt at times perturbed me, I think because I am a mother to twin boys. I did like this book, but there were elements of it that made me uncomfortable.

Deep breath.Slow easy breaths.Now.How do i review a book that has hit me so deeply and so profoundly without messing it up.Louis is a new author to meI belong in his group and have come to love him as a fb friendI started this book a few months back but wasn't in the right frame of mind to read as I now knowedamnI'm brokenThis book is so deep and it takes you into yourself as you follow twins Matt, Brian and their Uncle Jake forward in their lives after the death of Matt and Brian's parentsJake [...]

REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsI was absolutely convinced I had read a book by this author when I picked up Twice the Hands but it turns out I was wrong and he was a new to me author. After finishing he will certainly be an author I read again.Twice the Hands is a story of growing up, of teetering on adulthood yet still being so uncertain of your place in the world. It’s a story of family love that reaches past maternal and paternal boundaries and thrives on love.Matt and Brian are t [...]

A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsThis is one of those books that I have extremely mixed feelings reviewing. To be completely honest, there were parts of this book I absolutely loved, and then there were parts of this book that I wasn’t comfortable reading. Therefore, I must start this review by justifying my 5-star rating. The writing in this book flows beautifully and is so well written that it pulls you in and makes you want to keep turning the page despite the fact that the storyline itself pu [...]

This story of Matt and Brian stays with you The twins creep into a part of your mind and heart from which they never leave. The story is a sweet, yet tormented tale of 2 gay brothers living with a gay uncle and set around the senior year of high school where fears of moving on to college, first serious relationships and the changing bond between twins. A bond that is so deep, it can't help but provide the benchmark for their future partners. It will make you smile, it'll make you cry and you'll [...]

4.5 stars.I'm blown away by this bookIt was just a wonderful, beautiful story. I really wasn't sure what to expect after reading a few of the blurbs. I'm so glad I took the chance. I LOVED this family. I read this in one sitting. There are 2, how do I say this, overly intimate and completely unnecessary parts (couch/hallway) in this book that will leave, this otherwise beautiful story, a bad taste in some of the reader's mouthsI have no problem reading it as I've read other twin type books but t [...]

Review to come.

Beta read this a while ago Super curious to see the final product <3 Congrats Louis!!!!!

FGMAMTC Blog Review + Excerpt 3.5 stars Twice the Hands to Hold covers a multitude of areas such as overcoming past pain, emotional growth, romance and family relationships. It's told in third person and follows the lives of a set of twin teen boys nearing high school graduation and their uncle who adopted them as young children after the death of their parents. Matt is openly gay and sure of his position in life. He's caring and concerned for those around him. He's the more sweet and friendly [...]

A beautifully written story told from each of the three main characters’ POV—Jake, the young, caring uncle, plus the teenage twins, Matt and Brian. They have become a tight-knit family in the wake of the tragic accident and Jake has done his best to raise the boys in a stable home. The love they feel for each other is clear and demonstrated throughout the story. But nothing stays the same and each man needs to spread their wings, develop other relationships, and find love from another man. B [...]

Twice the Hands to HoldUncle Jake and young twin brothers Matt and Brian. The adorable, kinda broken Walker family. You'll love them.I'm sure it's impossible not to. Their story, their lives are so deeply emotional, so tragically beautiful. So full of love, respect and strength for each other. They'll grip your heart and won't let go.You'll see them being there for each other so fiercely and lovingly while going through hard times. And better times. And losing sight of who they are and what they [...]

Reviewed by Jay Chase for QUEERcentric BooksTwice the Hands to Hold is not what I expected when I picked up the book—it was definitely more! Louis Stevens wrote an extremely sweet coming-of-age story with its depiction of family bonds and love. It is an amazing story that leaves its mark with sadness, joy, tragedy and love.Brian and Matt are twins that were dealt a terrible blow with the loss of their parents at an early age. Brian was witness to this loss and has secretly carried their death [...]

Ive read this twice, before writing this review, and I still don't know where to start!!Twice the Hands, is a beautifully written coming of age,that will stay with you for a long time. Filled with the usual teenage angst and first loves, jealousy. Twin brothers Matt and Brian along with their legal guardian Uncle jake share a bond of love that is beautiful, they've suffered tragedy in there past, and have to deal and cope with a heart breaking attack, that anyone would find difficult to come bac [...]

I loved it!!!!I was in search of a book involving twin brothers and their uncle. I didn't think that existed anywhere but in my own head. And then BAM! This book appears. My dream book. I absolutely loved the beautiful relationship between the characters. They were easy to love and become attached to. I enjoyed the caring, beautiful and loving relationship that was constantly shown between these brothers. It was so much more than what I can put into words. This book is going in my top faves ^_^

I was torn over this book. However it surprised me.I dont usually read YA / NA but this book was certainly worth reading.Two brothers orphaned at a young age and bought up by their uncle. It to,d the story of them as they entered senior year. One brother gay, the other bi.The story of their loves and the not so easy path to HEAs for them. At one stage I thought the author was going down a twincest route but that was just to show the non physical love between them.

4.5 stars for me. What brought it down was that these High School kids speak and think like English majors. I know very few teens who would use the big words that these kids did. But, setting that aside, I think I cried through the last 10% of the book. Heartbreaking. I need to go find something funny to read next to compensate.

Twice the Hands to Hold is a remarkable read, surprising in that these young men, in the form of twins, Matt and Brian, manage to embody the angst, emotion, and bad decision-making that mark young adulthood Read the full review here: agonytate.wordpress/2015/

4.5*This is a story of one family dealing with life and unconditional love! Uncle Jake put his life on hold to raise two fine young men. Matt and Brian are twins on the outside but very different on the inside. As Matt and Brian find love they come to realize that their heart can love more than their twin and Jake. Beautifully written!

4.5 Full review to come, will say this; lovely story, maybe was a bit too sweet for me but well written and executed.

This was a very interesting story with many different character dynamics and sub plots. It was well crafted and nicely paced.

5*****StarsBook: Twice the Hands to HoldAuthor: Louis StevensPublisher: JMS Books LLCGenre: Contemporary RomanceRated: Mature M/MA friend recently introduced me to Joseph Lance Tonlet’s books. I devoured them. In doing this, I read Quillion’s Covert, co-authored by Louis Stevens. I enjoyed the book so much, I purchased a two book series written by him. This review is the first title being Twice the Hands to Hold and I was totally entranced by it. So, I will be gushing.This story has so many [...]

★★★☆☆ ~ 3 StarsI usually stay away from na/ya and this was not at all what I'd thought it would be (view spoiler)[twincest (hide spoiler)] so I was disappointed and apparently didn't read the blurb very well, my bad.Anyway, twin orphan brothers have been brought up by their uncle, and they're in the senior year and testing their wings and the trouble they can get into. Unfortunately, Brian gets trouble he wasn't expecting but his uncle, Jake, and brother, Matt, circle the wagons around [...]

This is a beautifully written book about twins finding love outside the bond they have between themselves for the first time. The way the story is written makes you live all of the ups and downs of emotions that these boys feel, as well as their ever loving and protective Uncle Jake, who is also rekindling a lost love of his own. The story takes a shocking twist when one of the brothers is badly assaulted (tissues are required) and the family have to really pull together to survive with help fro [...]

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