Tehran Moonlight

Azin Sametipour

Tehran Moonlight

Tehran Moonlight

  • Title: Tehran Moonlight
  • Author: Azin Sametipour
  • ISBN: 9781491265192
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback

Love, loyalty and identity collide in Azin Sametipour s compelling debut novel, Tehran Moonlight Vividly set in a country where women have no voice, one woman s fight for love and her own identity result in unimaginable consequences She was 23, beautiful, a violinist in love with her passion A rebel born into a conservative family where belief was everything and honor sLove, loyalty and identity collide in Azin Sametipour s compelling debut novel, Tehran Moonlight Vividly set in a country where women have no voice, one woman s fight for love and her own identity result in unimaginable consequences She was 23, beautiful, a violinist in love with her passion A rebel born into a conservative family where belief was everything and honor shackled women in place Then she met Ashkan He was 27, gorgeous, born to an Iranian father in Boston A successful architect in the States who had returned to Iran to find his past Then he met Mahtab.

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Tehran Moonlight, Azin SametipourLove, loyalty and identity collide in Azin Sametipour's compelling debut novel, Tehran Moonlight. Vividly set in a country where women have no voice, one woman's fight for love and her own identity result in unimaginable consequences. She was 23, beautiful, a violinist in love with her passion. A rebel born into a conservative family where belief was everything and honor shackled women in place. Then she met Ashkan. He was 27, gorgeous, born to an Iranian father [...]

4.25 stars! I can't believe this is Azin Sametipour's first book! I loved it so much! Even days after I've finished I still find myself thinking about it. "Tehran Moonlight" is the story of Mahtab, she's a young girl living with her family who are very traditional in their way of thinking and up bringing. One day while out with her best friend she meets Ashkan who has recently come back to Iran after being away for years. At their first encounter they both don't like each other, but each time th [...]

An interesting novel of oppression, discrimination, and hope in contemporary Iran. Sametipour gives her readers a view of modern day Iran and the oppression women continue to feel and the brutality not only from an oppressive government, but also within their family structures. The ways women have to deal with the reality of their situations and have their own secret society in order to have some support and semblance of a full-filling life. It is this "woman network" I found compelling, much mo [...]

I won this book from a contest on .Mahtah Sharifi teaches violin three nights a week at the Nava Music Institute. Her love of music is instilled in her, but she had to fight her father, brother and Grandmother tooth and nail to pursue her passion. Living in Tehran, Iran is not easy for women as it is a man's world here and what they say, goes, otherwise a female's objection will face the inevitable consequences. When Mahtah is asked to play in a concert with the Tehran University Orchestra, it c [...]

I just finished Tehran Moonlight and burned through it pretty quickly. It was a fast read and keep me interested. I have always enjoy learning about life in other places and this book was no exception. Mahtab, the main character is a young women who is faced with the struggle of the new and old Iran.She is also torn by her own traditional and modern thoughts. Her family is steeped in tradition and are very religious. At the same time, the modern world around her is opening up and changing at bre [...]

Azin paints an engaging and disturbing picture of the Iranian woman's oppression. Within the first few chapters, I cheered for Mahtab. I hope her sisters in Iran find freedom for their minds, hearts and spirits to fully flourish.

This novel tells the heart-wrenching, passionate love story of a beautiful and talented young woman named Mahtab who lives in Tehran, Iran and works as a music teacher. Mahtab's family is a very conservative, highly observant religious family who does not support or approve of her ambitions to pursue a career in music (orchestra). Mahtab lives under the oppression of her violent brother and strict father and is constantly living in fear of punishment based on their disapproval of her personal li [...]

I read “Teheran Moonlight” by Azin Sametipour in December last year and read it again last week. I was enthralled by the travails of her main protagonist, Mahtab, a young Iranian girl who is a sensitive and talented musician. She faces destructive onslaughts of familial and societal rigidity that could stifle and suffocate all that is tender and natural in her. Flashes of humour, friends who stand by her and clearly etched family members, gleam throughout the book like flashes of gold in the [...]

Tehran Moonlight, Azin Sametipour (Independent)through the women's eyesTehran revealed, good and badthe oldest of crimesThis is a story of contemporary Tehran, but threaded through the narrative are echoes of the past. I was reminded of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, with the early emphasis on young women being judged only on their potential husbands, as well as the interplay between mothers and daughters and sisters. The early chapters were really engaging and light. Despite Mahtab's oppres [...]

Actual Rating: 3.5 / 5I discovered Azin Sametipour's debut novel Tehran Moonlight at The Muse & The Marketplace back in May. Good thing I bought it based on its captivating blurb - because it won the conference's Authors In The House Contest for self-published authors! Set in Iran's capital city, Tehran Moonlight follows 23-year-old violin teacher Mahtab as she falls for an Iranian-American man and struggles with her family's rigid traditionalism via an arranged marriage to another man. This [...]

This book is a wonderful and fast read. The main character is easy to relate to and her sorrows became the reader's sorrows, as do her happy moments. It's an emotional roller coaster reading about Mahtab's struggles to pursue her passion of playing the violin and being able to live her own independent life in a very traditional and conservative Islamic household in Iran. While for most readers it will seem hard to imagine that a family can force a daughter into marriage with a man she doesn't ev [...]

This book is a treasure. It is a rare glimpse into clashing cultures of traditional and youthful Iran. I literally could not put it down.

Mahtab is a bright musical young woman who is headstrong and knows what she wants in life. She is a good Iranian girl who would do anything her parents tell her to do with the exception of entering an arranged marriage; her desire is to marry for love. Taking place in Tehran, Iran readers gets a glimpse of what it is like of living there and also living under the oppression of family. This is Mahtab's daily life. Always second to her brother who is more valued than she is Mahtab who loves playin [...]

More like 3.5/5. This novel shows the clash between the conservative and the modern Iranian, as shown in the story of a young woman violinist, whose ambition is to play with the Tehran Philharmonic. Pressured by her conservative family into engagement with a sadistic [and supposedly religious] man, Mahtab struggles against her family's forcing her into a loveless marriage. She strives against almost overwhelming odds to maintain her individuality and independence.I was impressed that the author [...]

This review is a long time coming. I have never read a book quite like this one before or since. I was inspired, touched, angered and challenged. This is realistic fiction at its finest, written by an author who has the credibility to describe the painful realities of being a woman who doesn't fit the mold in Iran. Her story is about a beautiful young woman who is different but, according to her country's culture, is "wrong" and must be kept within her bounds. The adversity she walks through mad [...]

This is a love story on many levelslove of country despite its oppression and disregard of women, love of family despite their dysfunction, love of career and the fulfillment it brings. love of friends who provide a sustainable community, the unconditional love of another human being when it is not allowed and most of all the fierce love that arises from being true to oneself.

an easy and fun read! very emotional and I think it is great for a first novel.

What a fantastic read! This book takes you into another culture and tells a story of forbidden love. It had me hooked. Azin's writings immerse you in another culture yet in a way that is easy to relate with. She makes you feel every emotion, and keeps you turning the pages. I definitely would recommend this book.

This book was amazing. I was a little unsure when I started to read the book, as it is not my typical genre of book. However, once I started, I could not put the book down. This book has everything a romance novel needslove, conflict and a strong heroine overcoming conflicts.I cannot wait to start Azin's second book.

I love when I discover a beautiful story on Kindle Unlimited. This is very much the case with this story. Iran is one of those places that is very foreign to most Americans. So reading a book set in Tehran was fascinating. The description of buildings and life was memorizing. Overall this was very easy to read story, the story flowed and had me tapping the kindle page by page hoping to finish it quickly. Love is powerful and love is what makes this story powerful. This was the first book I have [...]

A fascinating and compelling read about the complexities of love in a distant and different culture. I particularly enjoyed learning about a society that I knew very little about… A terrific novel!!

This book was read by "Pages" group in the Khair Jalees book club.

Loved it! The author is quite gifted.

Tehran Moonlight by Azin Sametipour--------5/5 stars--------I have already read Azin’s second book Awakened by Love a few months ago and liked it very much. So enjoying her debut novel was not surprising at all. Tehran Moonlight was really eye opening, a bit darker than ABL but equally astonishing and legible.Before I tell you what the story is about, I would like to quickly comment on the physical copy. The book has 268 pages plus the acknowledgments, the leaves, (which can only be described [...]

This was a winner. Very interesting story.

Well written drama about life and love in a female oppressed society and the colliding of culturesis was a giveaway

Tehran Moonlight by Azin Sametipour2.5 stars rounded to 3 Mahtad, 23 during the novel, grew up believing she would give final consent to the man she married even though she was raised in a conservative Muslim family. Unlike most young women, marriage is not at the forefront of her mind. She has her sights set on admittance to the national orchestra as a violinist. When she meets Ashkan, a 27 year old young man born to an Iranian father in Boston who has returned to Iran to connect to his heritag [...]

I was stunned to see how many reviewers gave this book four or five stars -- I rate it among the worst books I have ever finished (and I only finished it because my book club chose it, otherwise I would have thrown it down on about page 10). NO stars for this one.Every character is a cartoon stereotype: the studious and devout father; the mousy, peace-making but terrified mother; the grumpy, outspoken grandmother; the sneering, violent older brother; the modern rebel daughter; the plump, nebbish [...]

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