A Poker Game of Love


A Poker Game of Love

A Poker Game of Love

  • Title: A Poker Game of Love
  • Author: AliceWalsh
  • ISBN: 9780992790806
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook

Not all stories end with a happily ever after , but that doesn t mean they re not worth telling Because every romance happens for a reason Even the most dysfunctional ones A Poker Game of Love is an in depth look at the assorted humiliations, frequent disappointments and hard earned triumphs often at the expense of someone s downfall of a group of people in theNot all stories end with a happily ever after , but that doesn t mean they re not worth telling Because every romance happens for a reason Even the most dysfunctional ones A Poker Game of Love is an in depth look at the assorted humiliations, frequent disappointments and hard earned triumphs often at the expense of someone s downfall of a group of people in their late 20s, struggling to make it through life Following the subtle change of roles, expectations and limits in relationships that are far from what they seem at first, the book explores the way people s darker urges, insecurities, vanity and need for validation dictate and shape their lives.With wry humour Alice Walsh explores the powerful driving force of female sexuality and the way it can be used to manipulate and subdue Witness a deep and compelling story of dysfunctionality, promiscuity, emotional unavailability and the ultimate gift of learning to let go and move on from past mistakes.In a world, where every date is a gamble and every relationship is a poker game of love one of the players will have to outmanoeuvre all the rest to come out as the undeniable winner at the cost of anything Because all is fair in love and war

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Let me just start by saying that before I read this book I was a little apprehensive. This is because I’d read a few negative comments about the poor proofreading and as a result the book contained numerous grammatical errors. However, I was fortunate to receive the second edition which has been thoroughly proofread/edited and can’t say that I noticed any grammatical errors or typos.As for the story… well what can I say?! I'm not usually a fan of contemporary fiction but thought I’d give [...]

UPDATE: A second edition of the book has been released. This new edition fixes most of the spelling and grammatical errors that inundated the first edition. As a result, my rating has been changed from 2 stars to 3. I also had a problem with the sheer amount of misogyny in the text. Both of the main characters view casual sex as a tool. Sylvia, the lead female, uses it to keep men as unwitting slaves. She frequently uses her former lovers to do whatever she wants, including her projects at work. [...]

This wasting. It's definitely not your typical chicklit or contemporary women novel (ok, not sure how I should classify it, but it doesn't quite fall into the erotica category either). It's very unorthodox and I get the feeling it's one of those books you either like or hate. I liked it. I like the way the story shifts between woman/man perspective and how the lead characters struggle socially, emotionally, intellectually while everyone around them moves on, lets go and generally enjoys life.It [...]

"I’m really glad I came across this book while looking for something light and fun to pass another weekend with. While it’s the second, it most certainly isn’t the first. Sure, the novel is about the general love and relationship dilemmas we all come across at one point or another, but it deals with so much more than that. It’s about those destructive urges that make us start and stick around in dead-end relationships with people who’re distant and borderline abusive just out of fear o [...]

It’s really refreshing to come across a novel with a strong-willed, independent and confident woman who has her s*** together and is perfectly in control of her life. Reading it, I couldn’t help but compare Sylvia to Samantha from SATC – extremely sexual, promiscuous and unwilling to settle for anything less than what she ‘knows she deserves’. Someone before had written that the book is misogynistic, but I see it as the exact opposite – it’s empowering to witness more and more stro [...]

This book is really vicious, and I mean this in an entirely positive way! It’s sharp, witty, straight-on insulting at times, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. I read it in one go! The characters are real people, their struggles and the situations they find themselves in are relatable. This is something I value in the books I read as I’m sick of HBO-type dramas that have nothing to do with reality and everything to do with make belief.

All in all a good book. The author throws a lot of real life out there not the fluffy stuff you expect when reading a book, which is a change. Also, as I was reading the book I imagined the ending to turn out differently but was glad to see it end the way it had.

The author, Alice Walsh, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.The description of this novel cites that not all relationships end in “happily ever after.” The aim of the novel is to spotlight that every relationship no matter how dysfunctional is a “poker game of love” involving winners and losers. I can appreciate the authors goal and I can say without reservation that she has shown us quite unique characters and relationships in “A Poker Game of Love.” I can also s [...]

I happen to love character-driven fiction, and Walsh’s greatest strength by far is characterization. Her fascinating plunge into the depths of her very shallow and well-drawn characters is fascinating, as is the extent to which they understand themselves – and don’t. As I read I couldn’t help but feel that the story was building quite competently towards an appropriate conclusion, the exact nature of which I really couldn’t guess as I was reading, and I was not disappointed. Quite hone [...]

This is a character driven novel which portrays the deviousness of the human mind so well. It is raw and disturbing.The two main characters, Sylvia and James, have known each other for many years and have an ongoing sexual relationship. James has ripped the heart out of Sylvia and turned her into an emotional robot, just like himself.When Sylvia finds herself a man and a lifestyle that she wants, the game of one upmanship begins.Sylvia is out to play James, but James, for all his ego, really doe [...]

Not for the faint of heart. This tale of two damaged individuals is an insightful exploration into the demons that scorned lovers live with, or more to the point create. I give the author high marks for laying bare the raw emotions and motives behind their self destructive behavior.I was particularly impressed by Ms. Walsh understanding of the psyche of male characters and her honesty in laying bare the female perspective.Having grown up knowing people very much like these characters I feel she [...]

This book gives an interesting perspective on the otherwise widely ignored topic of failed relationships. It seems to me that the narrative would appeal mostly to men, which is a bit of a paradox given the title and genre, but in my experience it's women who tend to seek novels, where characters are clearly defined and remain 'good' or 'bad' from start to finish. Here we observe a complex shift of perspective, motivation and intense inner monologue and struggle that ultimately leads to the downf [...]

I received a gifted copy for an honest review.3 1/2 starsThis book is about Sylvia and James and each chapter alternates from their POV. Sylvia and James have known each other for over 10 years. In the beginning of their relationship, Sylvia was head over heels in love with James and she lost her virginity to him. However, James only used Sylvia for sex and was verbally abusive to her. After a few years of Sylvia hoping for something different with James and James continuing to use her, Sylvia's [...]

So I received a copy of "A Poker Game of Love" from the author for a honest review. Although the book is well written the characters were not very likable. Not saying they have to be happy go lucky or anything it’s just hard to enjoy a book when you’re unable to relate to either character. There seemed to be too much focus on character development and not enough on story line, I know sounds odd usually we want more character development. Also, at times it was hard to follow and jumped from p [...]

4.5/5 starsLet me just say that this book was very good. But the characters I wanted to strangle them honestly. Little Spoiler ahead:God I hated the ending, Sylvia is so cold-hearted and blunt, she only cares about her own well-being and her fulfillment of needs. But James didn't deserve that kind of punishment, although he did many mistakes.Major spoiler:I loved Karen a lot and aww, she's pregnant with James' baby. But he left them. Sucks.Overall, I really enjoyed this book -hence me staying up [...]

Ms. Walsh has an interesting way of showing us the dysfunctional ways of many relationships in “A Poker Game of Love”.Read full review in the 2014 June/July Double Issue of InD’tale Magazine.

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