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Mary Beth Daniels

Passion Potion

Passion Potion

  • Title: Passion Potion
  • Author: Mary Beth Daniels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Jet is a Nix, the daughter of an Enchantress who went outside her bloodlines No one helps a Nix, and even though her father is in deep trouble with Dei Lucrii, a Dark Enchanter who paid her family an extraordinary sum to make a passion potion, Jet has no way to fix the powerful spell that killed her mother.But someone is watching her A very handsome someone whose face apJet is a Nix, the daughter of an Enchantress who went outside her bloodlines No one helps a Nix, and even though her father is in deep trouble with Dei Lucrii, a Dark Enchanter who paid her family an extraordinary sum to make a passion potion, Jet has no way to fix the powerful spell that killed her mother.But someone is watching her A very handsome someone whose face appears in a pewter bowl her mother always kept close by.Could the boy be the secret to avoiding the curse of the Nix Or is he the sort of distraction Jet REALLY can t afford at a time like this Passion Potion is a paranormal new adult romance from the author of the romantic comedy hit Heteroflexibility.

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*I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review*This book started out pretty strong for me. We meet the main character, Jet, as she learns that she’s failed out of college. Within the first few pages you know that she a) is not a Mary Sue b) knows what a sine wave is (be still, my nerdy heart) and c) has a pretty humorous inner monologue. When her father comes to collect her, he lets slip that her mother was a witch and they’re in trouble because she promised an evil enchanter a potion [...]

Jet, our heroine, is failing out of college and is going back home. And now her father tells her that her mother didn't died in a chemistry accident but that she was a witch and died from working in a spell. A spell she promised to someone and that n exchange have in mortgage their house.No, do Jet believe her father?HELL NO! She thinks he is going nuts, and just for that reaction, i found the story really refreshing,aha!But well, after some strong evidences that he is telling the true, is now u [...]

After failing several college classes Jet leaves school for home and finds that there is more to herself than she knew. She finds that she is a Nix, an enchantress without any powers, but surrounded by a world full of magic. Her mother's recent death has left not only a hole in her life, but a job unfinished. To save her family home Jet must finish the potion her mother had been commissioned to create before time runs out.I really enjoyed the ideas in this story and what the world that Daniels c [...]

Dopo la morte di sua madre Jet sta passando un periodo davvero nero, tanto che si vede costretta a prendere una pausa se non vuole buttare all'aria tutta la sua carriera universitaria. Torna così a casa dal padre, alla ricerca di un po' di pace e tranquillità, ma ad aspettarla c'è ben altro. Al suo arrivo infatti si ritrova a dover affrontare una situazione surreale: sua madre era una Strega e quando è morta stava lavorando ad una potente pozione d'amore, una pozione illegale, che le era sta [...]

Jet’s life isn’t working out as she’d hoped it would. She’s unlucky in love, her mother passed away just a few months ago, and now she’s going to have to drop out of college. Just when she thinks she’s going to be stuck living at home with no future in sight she gets a little piece of shocking news: her mother was an enchantress who died trying to make a powerful love spell known as a “passion potion.” Now, Jet has to make the potion her mother was working on when she died, or ri [...]

Captivating, intense, funny, sexy, heart warming, surprising, action-packed, unique.I could literally go on for pages with all the words I would use to describe this book! In Passion Potion, we meet Jet, a flunking Chem major who recently lost her mom (I know, that is nothing like I just described in all those words, just give me a minute!). Whilst driving home with her dad for a permanent Christmas break, she finds out that not only is her mother a witch, but she died trying to make a potion fo [...]

Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters paranormalsisters*Received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion*We get maybe one chapter of calmness, where we sorta get to know the main gal Jet before we are shoved face first into the action. I maybe may have enjoyed more of the fast pace this book is written in if I knew more about the character and her life, if I had more of a connection to her. But sadly we aren't granted that connection so for me throughout this book it all just [...]

A Magical Book! (Note: Another free book I had found.  At the time I had not really read any kind of paranormal romance books.  I considered this a fantasy since I just hadn't been able to wrap my mind around different genres back then such as paranormal, dystopian, etc.  Also if I were to grade this one today I would probably only give it 3.5 stars.  Not that it's a bad book but my tastes and expectations have grown since then and this one just doesn't equal five stars to me anymore.  Like [...]

I received Passion Potion in return for an honest review from the publisher via netgalley. Jet’s been struggling to pass her classes at the semester ends she’s told she could defer and start the following semester. When she calls her father to tell him the news he’s thrilled that she’s coming home, but she sense something is up because he takes her failing well. It’s on the drive home from school that her father reveals what’s really going on, that her mother was a enchantress who di [...]

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*Passion Potion is very fast paced and doesn't allow any BS. It's written very straight to the point, mostly dialogue and action, without too much description. This all gives it a very Young Adult kind of feeling, except there are some sexy scenes which are not so suited for the younger audience. But I liked this combination; the passion from new adult without the angst and the action from young adult without the chemistry being [...]

In the first few pages of Passion Potion we meet Jet who has just flunked out of college, has a hilarious inner monologue that could rival most comedians, and just overall seems like the girl you would want to hang out with and talk about life. Upon failing out of college Jet as her father arrive to take her home and on the trip he tells her that not only was her mother a witch, but she also promised some random guy a spell, she mortgaged the house to the brim to fuel her research for the spell, [...]

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*“Sometimes we have to make the best of what life brings us.”-Jet’s DadFunny, enjoyable and unique. Passion Potion is a light read but not boring, with the right amount of paranormal, fantasy and romance mixed together. Definitely one of its kind.I practically devoured this book. Its colorful characters, interesting plot and quirky dialogue immediately hooked me in. The pace of the story and the flow of words are smooth [...]

Jet flunks out of college and goes home to her dad. Her mother has recently died doing an experiment and now Jet finds out she was actually an Enchantress and died making a potion for a dark Enchanter. Now Jet must find a way to finish that potion or they will lose everything. Problem is Jet is a Nix and no one with any powers will help her it is forbidden. She must work this out on her own and unravel secrets kept from her. She is distracted by a boy who keeps popping up and says she is his mat [...]

I loved so many things about Passion Potion.First of all, it was different. The voice was unique, the tone was out of the ordinary. It really doesn't fit with anything else I've read. The best I can place it is sort of like the earliest books in the Vampire Diaries, where it didn't take itself to seriously, it was told very straightforward and the story really depended on the characters to carry it. There is very little description, but the details that are added are of the world building and pa [...]

I enjoyed this plot because it involved a girl, that everybody dismisses because she isn’t “special” enough, who comes into her own and ends up defeating her demons and wowing everyone who doubted her. The book was a really unique idea that was brought together in an amazing composition. The book flowed good and the characters were great. The only problem was that sometimes the emotions felt fake and forced and some parts were almost childish. Otherwise the book was a fun read.Jet was a gi [...]

I received an ARC of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.This book was such a fun, quick read that I was sad to see it end! At one point I saw that I was at 75% already and forced myself to slow down so that I wouldn’t have to end the book so soon. Jet is a likable screw-up that manages to go through some big changes in this first book (of hopefully many!). The book is filled with witty dialogue and snappy witches that had me flipping pages as fast as my kindle would let me. I’m a su [...]

This was a fun, quick read and I am truly looking forward to the next book in the series. I love Ms. Daniels’ humor. Passion Potion was a new look at an old idea. Every girl wants to find out that she is actually a witch or a fairy or… we all want to have a secret magic. Nix is every girl, with the faults and history a girl of the modern age would have, and she finds out she has BIG magic! I’m looking forward to seeing how she learns to manage this magic in book 2. In this book, she is cha [...]

THIS WAS A WICKED GOOD READ!Passion Potion is a paranormal new adult romance. WOW ! What a great new world that Mary Beth created! It is full of Enchantress, and Dark Enchanters; a magical world of Light and Dark. The book is full of adventure, mishaps and light hearted comedy. The is also a very sweet romance to go along with the action and adventure.This book was a great mix of intrigue and a feel good romance. I love how the author took you along for the crazy ride that Jet's life has become. [...]

I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.Hmm… I enjoyed this story and the background information you receive as you read further into it. The relationships and interactions between the characters was rather entertaining and I really liked the whole “match” thing. If I’m being honest, I mean I like Caleb and Jet as a ”match” or maybe just the reaction they have when they meet their perfect “match”.The world building was very fantasy-esque with portals in bowls and fa [...]

I rather enjoyed this book. It was fresh, inventive and didn't take itself too seriously. Other than a few vague references to some steamy stuff (and one actually blazing-hot scene)the rest of this novel felt light and YA-ish.I was hooked into the mystery and magic fairly quickly. The ferret was a trip and I loved his "character" instantly. For the most part, overall characterization was well done. The players in this novel did have their moments though Dad was okay with his daughter doing somet [...]

For starters, I'm not the normal target audience for this kind of book. I picked it up out of curiosity and found it an enjoyable read. Jet is a great character. She's a Nix, the offspring of an enchanter that marries outside her bloodline. Nixes have no magic to speak of, and are generally shunned by the enchanter world. When Jet's mother is killed in a freak explosion while mixing an illegal potion, it's up to Jet to find a way to finish the job before the Dark Enchanter that commissioned the [...]

Passion Potion is a very quick read at a mere 200 pages (okay, so that’s quick for me, but results may vary). Jet is a Nix, which is kind of a powerless version of an enchanter who everyone looks down upon and refuses to help. I imagine it’s because only a Nix can give birth to a Dark Enchanter. Her mom died in a chemistry accident that turned out to be a potion gone wrong and now Jet has been asked to create the potion instead. (More.)

Umm This was a nice read, but nothing to special to me. I liked the characters enough, the plot was alright, I just was not as captivated as I have been by other books in the last few months. There is enough pop culture references to actually make me start to hate it, I was not loving the romance aspect all that much. And as this is called Passion Potion well I will just leave it at that. But a nice easy read.

Passion Potion by Mary Beth Daniels2 ½ StarsPassion Potion is like Bewitched meets Alice in Wonderland. I loved the way this book started out NA paranormal, but the author lost me in the portal jump into the spirit world. Then it started to become a bad knock off of Alice in Wonderland with the magic mushroom and “eat me”. I think I would have liked the book if that whole scenario was not written into it. To see the rest of this review go to bsreviewers

This book is a wonderful read .A fast paced, full of action ,adventure and romance there's never a dull moment in this book .The characters both good and evil were very well written and I felt liked I was there I love a book I can fall into.I highly recommend this book.

I really enjoyed reading this, such an easy read. Quickly get used to the characters and storyline. I loved every page. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

A fun, easy to read paranormal romance that leaves you wanting more.

It was a little slow at first but a good read afterall.

* Received as ARC provided by Casey Shay Press and NetGalley.

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