The False-Hearted Teddy

John J. Lamb

The False-Hearted Teddy

The False-Hearted Teddy

  • Title: The False-Hearted Teddy
  • Author: John J. Lamb
  • ISBN: 9780425216101
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback

Passions and tempers run high at a big time bear show And when a Cheery Cherub Bear designer is accused of stealing an idea and later dies Brad and Ashleigh Lyon s suspicions take wing.

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These are just fun books, who knew being a teddy bear artisan could be so dangerous! This book was a bit different from the first since the Lyon's were away from home at a teddy bear show but I enjoyed it. Good mystery and Brad is a fun character and I love his smart mouth.

Lamb is an actual retired homicide detective, so his portrayal of the main character rings true. He and his wife are also collectors of teddy bears, so those details also are well developed. However, the couple in his series also make the teddy bears and participate in the shows. Brad Lyon has completed his first bear, Dirty Beary (a Dirty Harry bear complete with gun & holster) and displays it along with his wife's collection (themed around desserts). Before the show even begins Brad interr [...]

I volunteered to read this since the author is coming to the library, and it's a mystery, which I love. It was ok, easy to figure out "who done it." I also didn't care for his overabundance of one-liners and smart remarks, it was overkill (so to speak). It's average rating on is over 4, so I'm not sure what I was missing. This isn't the first books in the series, but those were checked out. I think the earlier ones have more to do w/the Shenandoah Valley, this one takes place in Baltimore (at a [...]

The first time I read this series I immediately began researching the world of teddy bear making. I went on to spend 280.00 on a handmade bear. I adore that bear but at the same time felt I needed my head read for spending that kind of money on an ornamental toy/dust collector at my age. Still, each time I read the series I want to go looking at the bears being made by artisans around the world. I got my bear from Pat Hughes of Blackberry Bears in France and she has a photo/slide collection of h [...]

Berkeley has a whole line for cozy, craft-related mysteries. This one, about making teddy bears (who knew?), is very good--it would have been five stars if the editor had educated the author about copyright (but why would a publisher do something silly like that? Sorry, lost my head for a moment). The author was a homicide cop in a former life, and his expertise shows; the books are first-person, but the hero isn't obnoxiously perfect, either. I'm now looking for everything else John J. Lamb has [...]

This is the second in the Teddy Bear series. It’s as good as the rest in the series and such a shame that there are only five in the series. I could read them foreverThis time Brad and Ash head to Baltimore for a teddy bear show. When they get there, one of the exhibitioners is murdered and Brad is mistakenly arrested for the murder.What he does to get himself out of trouble won’t believed, but there are a few laugh out loud moments in the book. Mr Lamb’s humor in his books is dry but quit [...]

This is a really cute series about a couple who own Lyons, Tigers and Bears, where they create teddy bears. Bradley Lyons is an ex-homicide cop from San Francisco and his wife Ashleigh is the real artisan. They show their bears at trade shows and undoubtedly get involved in a murder while they are there. Like I said, a cute series with a simple cozy mystery to solve in each book. A thoroughly enjoyable quick, light read. Highly recommend.

Another joyful romp!I have truly enjoyed the first two books in this series. The author incorporates my love of bears, mysteries, and the areas of Virginia & Maryland that I am most familiar with along with a dry sense of humor. It isn't rocket science or high art. It's just a warm, wonderful way to spend a few hours. On to the next in the series!

Brad and Ashleigh head to a teddy bear show. But everything isn't cheery when a designer about to sign a big contract turns up dead. Once again, the book was lots of fun with great characters and interesting story. I love this series.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

I really am liking this author's books. The stories are different, the main characters are totally lovable, and the author's dry wit (mixed in with the main characters cheesy one-liners) is fun. This is the second in the series that I've read, and I can't wait to start the next one.

I love all of Lamb's books - this one is no different. This one touches on how people can turn good things bad.

Murder and mayhem at a teddy bear show? Who'd've thunk it? Retired homicide detective Brad and his wife Ashleigh investigate the very nasty death of a prominent teddy bear maker.

Book 2 in the series.

Do you feel lucky punk?Another good time on the teddy bear show circuit. Unless you get killed over your stuffed animals.

This is the 2nd time I've read this book. I first read it about 3-4 yrs ago and I have to say I still like it.

A bit clunky in plot and details with lots of "bearly" bearable puns. However, it kept my attention and is better than anything I could write.

A cute bear mystery again. I loved the characters and the bear theme to the books. Another easy read and very quick!

A very entertaining cozy mystery with cute teddy bears thrown in. It is nice to read a logical mystery with believable circumstances.

I really enjoyed this book. the 2nd book in the series, this story finds Brad and Ashley Lyon at a teddy bear show in Baltimore. Of course, murder and mayhem follow.

a bit cutesy and easy to figure out but I like the characters

I guessed the murderer quite early on, but the fun is seeing the retired guy work it out. I really like the characters and the warmth of the Teddy conventions. It is a very nice read.

I love this series, great characters, a solid plot and a very clever motive all make for a excellent cozy. And crafting besides who could ask for more?

Fun read.

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