Wave and Die

Stella Whitelaw

Wave and Die

Wave and Die

  • Title: Wave and Die
  • Author: Stella Whitelaw
  • ISBN: 9780727871510
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover

Investigator Jordan Lacey is on the trail of a missing spouse Complications arise when the husband in question is found dead in a burning showroom and his wife turns out not to be married to him At least she isn t vying for the attention of DI James, she s in so deep that he s hounding her

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Jordan Lacey was once a policewoman. These days she runs a junk store and she's the only Private Investigator in her small community. It seems to be feast or famine with her PI business. Either she has nothing on the books or maybe too much like today.She winds up with the most interesting cases cases the police may or may not look into. Her first case is a farmer of water lilies. Someone has stolen thousands of plants from his property. In a home catering event, someone trashes all the food [...]

3 1\2 out of 5Wave or die is mystery takes it time building the story. The story isn't face pace as the author gives the readers enough details to paint a picture. With the slow pace I found myself sometimes getting lost in the main story. I didn't read book one but Stella Whitelaw gives the readers just enough information to keep the readers up to date with her current story.Jordan Lacey went from cop to PI trying to find whether a husband is eating on his wife. Jordan is taking on several case [...]

Jordan Lacey is a private detective living in a small seaside town in Sussex. She yearns and lusts for Detective Inspector James in lyrical fantasies while their interactions are edged with consternation and impatience. She also owns a small junk shop where she sells everything for six pounds.She's hired for several cases at once locate stolen valuable water lilies for a local expert/grower, to locate a stolen wedding cake, and to follow a husband to verify if he's cheating. In a non-linear fash [...]

There isn't an audio edition listed for this book, but that's what I tried to listen to - a downloadable audio book from my library that was made from cassette tapes, apparently. It's a different reader than the last time & she has too much of British accent. On top of the poor audio quality, I just can't catch all the words which didn't make it worthwhile to continue. From what I caught in the first quarter or so of the book, it's pretty much like the last. I doubt I'm missing anything stel [...]

SorryThis book made no sense to me. I usually give up on these types of books. I kept reading. Heaven knows why. I should have stopped. Have no idea how this got 4 stars unless it's a misprint. Too much going on and none of it made sense. Bad. Even the misspellings. Just tragic. Read at your own discretion. Blah.

A unique, refreshing protagonist with a baffling string of crimes to solve. Very enjoyable!

I was surprised by how good this book was. I really enjoyed the main character Jordan Lacey. She lost her job on the police force because of her reaction to how one of her superiors handled a rape case. She's gone on to be a private detective in a small seaport town and, as you can imagine, finds it hard to make ends meet. So, she runs a trift shop on the side.In this one she's framed for murder and arson. There are all kinds of intersting cases that suddenly come her way, but she solves them al [...]

An enjoyable mystery book, but the heroine's love interest is absolutely unbearable. I find it really annoying when an intelligent woman pines after an emotionally unavailable jerk. It may be realistic, but it's grating nonetheless.

Jordan Lacey series. Fun. Jordan solves the mystery of a missing wedding cake, the arson murder of a real estate owner the diappearance of a banker and the disappearance of water lilies. Love this series.

Love this series so far--so new I had to add this book to GoodReads myself. PI Jordan Lacey solves cases in Latching, England, a city on the coast. Good plots, good characters, and the real flavor of England. Humorous also.

This was a disappointment following the first in the series.

I still don't know what to make of this series and its protagonist.

Takes a while to understand terminology - book was written in England.

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