الإلياذة و الأدوسية

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الإلياذة و الأدوسية

الإلياذة و الأدوسية

  • Title: الإلياذة و الأدوسية
  • Author: Homer مجدي كامل
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Ἰλιάς ; Ὀδύσσεια = The Iliad and Odyssey, Homer The Iliad is an ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic hexameter, traditionally attributed to Homer. Set during the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the city of Troy (Ilium) by a coalition of Greek states, it tells of the battles and events during the weeks of a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles.The Iliad Characters: Ajax, Odysseus, Helen of Troy, Menelaus, Paris, Hector, Achilles, Agamemnon, Aeneas, Sarpedon, Pri [...]

Leídas la Ilíada y la Odisea, diría que me ha hecho disfrutar un poco más la segunda, quizá por los seres fantásticos (inolvidable el duelo entre Odiseo y el cíclope Polifemo, a quien aquel deja ciego) que hacen peligrar el periplo de Odiseo (prefiero el nombre griego, por mucho que la inmensa mayoría de las traducciones en español lo llamen por el nombre latino, Ulises) de Troya a Ítaca. Los dos poemas homéricos son cantos escritos a mayor gloria del héroe griego (Aquiles en la Ilí [...]

The best story ever-it has everything-love, romance, war, brave, handsome men, exotic places, monsters, beautiful women-its all in these two stories. Odysseus is my all-time favorite hero, and although he is a brave hero, he has his faults and it's this combination that makes him so lovable and what makes this story one of the greatest of all time. The text can be difficult to read, and following the who's who of the gods and goddesses can be quite a feat. I've read it several times, I never get [...]

Other than the gruesome, violent images often presented in magnificent detail (hey, it is a war!), I really enjoy reading Homer's epic poem. Where else are we given such insight into stubborn Agamemnon, noble Hector, intelligent and well-spoken Odysseus, lazy and spineless Paris, guilt-ridden Helen, the wrath of the warrior Achille's and how vain he can be? We can identify with Trojan and Greek alike, agonizing with both sides over the destructiveness of war. We get the inside story on all the G [...]

The translation was pretty readable. This is part of the Great Books of the western world Collection that I have set out to read.Ulysses is my favorite Greek hero.Always was always will be. I read parts of some butchered version in high-school but this one seems to have satisfied my goddess needs.I think we perhaps need some revitalization of the sentiments present in these books to save America from going down the cultural tubes. When the Odyssey is replaced with the "jersey Shore" cannot possi [...]

در ایلیاد هومر، جنگی که به تصویر کشیده می شود بسیار وحشتناک، پرخشونت و بی حاصل است. در این داستان هیچ برنده مشخصی وجود ندارد. به خاطر غرور و تصمیمات احساسی که گرفته می شود، آدم های زیادی کشته می شوند. خود آشیل هم ابتدا با امتناع از حضور در نبرد و تنها گذاشتن ارتش یونان، و سپس با ع [...]

The “Iliad and the Odyssey” keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning of the story to the end. I’m not into books like this one but I LOVED this book. The adventure, mystery, and the understanding of pre-history are great for anyone who wants to read this book. All these things made me want to read the book over again and even write a book review on it. First the adventure is wild from the start. Fighting the Cyclopes and winning made me think that no matter what the size of th [...]

@مجدي كامل المنياوي صاحب هذا الكتاب سارق رسمي ينسخ عن النت والمنتديات وويكيبيديا بالحرفطبعا خلال 5 سنوات طبع في دار الكوبي-بيست العربي-القاهرةوأعني ما يسمى دار الكتاب العربي ما يقارب المائة كتاببحسبة بسيطة فإنه يؤلف كتاب كل 18 يوم و 6 ساعات.طبعا هذا لا يعقل ولا يمر إلا على الأغ [...]

It didn't take me long to figure out that I'm not a Homer girl. I think the problem was partly that after years of taking in entertaining, probably dumbed down versions of the stories, the reality ended up a bit of a let down. Another problem was I had trouble liking any of the characters. Achilles? Hector? Even Odysseus? Ugh! Whiney, deceitful, and not very likeable!The Iliad was pretty painful to get through. I forced myself to finish and didn't even get a payoff in the end. What happened to T [...]

الإلياذة والأوديسة في نظري تستحقان أكثر من خمس نجومفقط هذه النسخة التي ترجمها مجدي كامل لم تكن الأفضل في نظري. قرأت نسخة بعدها بدت أفضل. لو تسنى الوقت لوجدت الكتاب ووضعت اسم المترجم وأظن أنها نسخة صدرت عن المجمع الثقافي بأبوظبي -لست متأكدا-. عموما هاتين الملحمتين فاقتا كل حدو [...]

The Iliad and the Odyssey are, of course, must-reads. It's hard to comment on classics like these, but, for those who haven't yet read them: I think the Odyssey is more entertaining than the Iliad because the action continues throughout whereas the Iliad has many breaks in the action to engage in the kind of lists of unpronounceable names you see in some places in the Old Testament of the Bible. Both of them are, however, fantastic.

Together these two works attributed to Homer are considered among the oldest surviving works of Western literature, dating to probably the eighth century BCE, and are certainly among the most influential. I can't believe I once found Homer boring. In my defense, I was a callow teen, and having a book assigned in school often tends to perversely make you hate it. But then I had a "Keats conversion experience." Keats famously wrote a poem in tribute to a translation of Homer by Chapman who, Keats [...]

Après avoir tant entendu parler de l'Iliade et de l'Odyssée, j'ai trouvé la lecture de l’œuvre originale (traduite) intéressante. Bien que les nombreuses comparaisons et références aux divinités grecques m'aient fait perdre le fil du texte à certains moments, j'ai pu voir pourquoi cette œuvre a traversé les âges et est considérée comme un chef-d’œuvre. C'est une lecture à faire au moins une fois dans sa vie.

I really enjoyed reading Homer's Odyssey and Iliad. I actually read this book of my own volition and not because I had to for school. The stories are very unique and captivating. You'll be sitting on the edge of your chair. I recommend this book to anyone who likes mythology of any kind. I enjoyed it so much that I believe I'll give it another read after so many years and an adequate review.

الصفحات البيضاء كثيرة و التكرار أكثر و الأخطاء الإملائية لا تحتمل أستفدت منه القليل فقط


This book is pretty complicated to understand sometimes because of the huge number of characters in it and some divinities we may not know. The vocabulary is epic and we enter a nice story full of "mini stories". It was interesting to read because we can see many comportments which can be good to follow or not. Even this days, reading Homere is quite accurate and contribute to our personal culture.

After being force-fed this epic poem in school I was stunned by how much I loved it! I don't even know who's translation I first read, but I've read The Iliad twice since, and Fagles' translation is the best yet. Beautiful imagery and really exciting battle scenes (really!) explaining the loyalties of The Gods and their favorites on Earth. This book is not a chore like we have been led to believe. Trust me, I don't go out seeking ancient Greek poems. But this is great stuff and Fagles' translati [...]

Finished! Finally done. *I've read it for my Foreign literature class. It took me a month, and not because it was boring or anything (although some chapters were less exciting than others), it's just really hard to read because of the metre - hexameter. Not a natural metre for a Russian poetry, so it was unusual. But I did like this book. Especially all those gruesome descriptions of death. It was sort of fascinating. Also I did like a lot of the characters - Andromache, Achilles, Hector, Patrok [...]

At the core of Western culture, there is ancient Rome and Greece, and at the core of the ancient Roman and Greek culture, there is Homer. When reading, I really did feel that the Iliad and Odyssey contain the basic building blocks of the Western way of thinking. For example, Achilles and Odysseus were arguing about what to do next, and each could make a case that sounded convincing. But the ideas were not equally good.This translation uses plain English, with no hexameter of rhymes, which helped [...]

The Illiad is very rambling and quite boring.

I like the Iliad much better than the Odyssey.

THE ILIADThe wrath of Achilles not only begins the oldest piece of Western literature, but is also its premise. The Iliad has been the basis of numerous clichés in literature, but at its root it is a story of a war that for centuries was told orally before being put down by Homer in which the great heroes of Greece fought for honor and glory that the men of Homer’s day could only imagine achieving.The story of the Trojan War is well known and most people who have not read The Iliad assume the [...]

Historia grega, que já derivou varios livros, vale a pena ler bem sucinta e direta.A cidade de Troia que Homero descreve aqui, todos achavam que era uma lenda até encontrarem ruinas dela na decada de 50. Por isso ainda tem esperança pela cidade de Atlântida já que também a lenda vem de uma história grega.

I was forced to read this story through my World Literature class, and I must admit that it wasn't worth the time I spent to read it. I do not like stories such as these, for they are myths passed down for possible 'truths' and can sometimes be believed when they shouldn't be. I had to force myself to finish reading it.

2 for the Iliad, Odyssey will be continued at a future date

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Not really sure how to talk about the master-text for all of Western lit. I guess it's just cool to hear the language in it. If we were talking Iliad I might be at a 4 star rating but The Odyssey is just sheer magic. Tell me there's something more sad on an interpersonal level than being away for a long time only to come home and have your dog be the only one to recognize you thru your disguise and then have the dog die? This was so good to go through slowly and thoroughly. I feel like I know mo [...]

Epic, beautiful, brutal, and satisfying to the max. Odysseus is the original super hero.

Hay libros que uno siempre tiene en mente y que nunca (o casi nunca) lee. La Ilíada y la Odisea los dos grandes poemas de Homero (o de quien sean, pues su autoría no parece confirmada al 100% y parece que pudiera ser una obra mancomunada o bien Homero plasmó por escrito lo que venían siendo cantos dispersos a los que logró dar una unidad inédita hasta entonces) son dos de esos libros que me propuse leer antes de las elecciones municipales y que finalmente he conseguido acabar. Los dos.Cier [...]

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