Fox All Week

Edward Marshall JamesMarshall

Fox All Week

Fox All Week

  • Title: Fox All Week
  • Author: Edward Marshall JamesMarshall
  • ISBN: 9780140377088
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback

Fox is all ready for another exciting week Will he get to go on a field trip, play games, and read books Or will he have to eat tuna and wear a tie The inimitable Fox has a different adventure for every day of the week in this Easy to Read paperback picture book.

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Fox has an adventure every day of the week, though he makes some questionable decisions too.Monday--Though Fox is excited for the field trip his class is planning to take he fakes sick to stay home from school when he wakes up to a sky full of rain.Tuesday--Disappointed with their tuna fish sandwiches, Fox and his friends toss them over a fence (much to a cat's delight).Wednesday--Fox and his friends get kicked out of the public library for reading a book that made them laugh uncontrollably.Thur [...]

The entire Lechner family got a real kick out of the Thursday story, wherein Fox and his pals smoke cigars. Whoa. They don't write em like they used to.

I was very disappointed with the chapter where the animals find a box of cigars and smoke them. Bad idea in a children's early reader. Bad taste.

How stupid to put a chapter in where the kid animals smoke cigars. It's a kids book.

This book was a fun read, and was really fun to use as a teaching tool. I don’t think it would be considered completely appropriate in our time, as Fox and his friends find cigars and smoke them on their way home from school. The book was written in the 70’s where that would have just been funny, but it could now be considered offensive. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and got a couple laughs in myself! Since this book was written long before technology was to the place it is [...]

I am so mad after reading half of this book with my daughter who is in First grade. She comes home with Advanced Reader books that she can read and then test on. In the middle of the book we find a story titled "Thursday After School". They come across Cigars and decide to smoke them. The con? Two of them get sick for one hour and they finish off the story with one of the boys still smoking because he thinks it makes him look smart. Seriously? It left us both mad.

This book did not appeal to me very much. There was not much of a story line, it was basically just what the fox did everyday for a week. What I did not like was that the fox did not make very good choices; he lied to his mother and he smoked cigars and there were never any repercussions. I do not think that I would recommend this book to any of my students.

Well, there are some things in this book moms might not approve of: Fox lies and says he has a sore throat in order to stay home from school (only to discover the class is going on a field trip.) Fox and his friends smoke cigars. They all give it up, except one friend who says it makes him look smart. The style reminds me of Dav Pilkey's "Dragon" books.

Ha, I forgot about the part where they smoke cigars and get sick. So weird to see smoking in a picture book.

Unbelievable! Best book I've read in a long time! Great example of great irony.

Fox is naughty which appeals to boys and funny so it appeals to girls. Great read for first grade reading groups

This book is a serious of many many different fox adventures. It is an easy reader so I would have younger students in early elementary try to start out with this book and work through the others.

Funniest short stories ever!


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