The Rime of the Modern Mariner

Nick Hayes

The Rime of the Modern Mariner

The Rime of the Modern Mariner

  • Title: The Rime of the Modern Mariner
  • Author: Nick Hayes
  • ISBN: 9780224090254
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover

Deep in a polluted city, a worker escapes his office for a sandwich on a park bench But his moment s peace is shattered by a stranger a seaman with a tale to tellThe Rime of the Modern Mariner is a recasting of Coleridge s famous poem now, though, the fantastical voyage is one of environmental disaster Stranded in the North Pacific Gyre a vast, hypoxic maelstromDeep in a polluted city, a worker escapes his office for a sandwich on a park bench But his moment s peace is shattered by a stranger a seaman with a tale to tellThe Rime of the Modern Mariner is a recasting of Coleridge s famous poem now, though, the fantastical voyage is one of environmental disaster Stranded in the North Pacific Gyre a vast, hypoxic maelstrom of plastic waste the mariner comes face to face with the consequences of man s excessive consumption in the form of wrathful gods, petroleum slicks and tsunamis, ghostly apparitions, and the great endangered creatures of the deep.Crackling with moral force, humour and pure craftsmanship, The Rime of the Modern Mariner is a beautiful book which confronts directly the burning issue of our time.

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Nick Hayes' The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is in part based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," updated with an environmental theme. I found it in my local used bookstore, The Looking Glass, and it is a beautiful thing to behold. The first thing that strikes you is the two-colored art, expressive and bold and almost block print in the way of Hokusai (those waves) and others. Gorgeously illustrated. I was skeptical of the attempt to match the rhythm and rhyme of the o [...]

It is sailing season, so books that have anything to do with boats and oceans jump higher on my reading pile. This is a fun graphic novel. The poem is a wonderfully updated riff on Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I quickly read through on my first sitting, but now plan to slowly pour over the wonderful artwork.

This modern take on Coleridge's famous poem was tedious and repetitive. Despite the beautiful artwork, there are only so many ways to say, "Everything was covered in trash and it surprised me and then made me sad," before a person gets tired of reading it. I had high hopes for this after reading other reviews (e.g. "Holding this exquisite book in your hands feels akin to a sacramental act." -The Guardian) but quickly lost interest by Part 3 and nearly gave up on the book (which is unusual for me [...]

GORGEOUS illustrations, but the rhyming text made me want to rush through them.

Wunderschöne Zeichnungen, aber die Geschichte ist doch etwas dünn geraten.

The Rime of the Modern MarinerNick HayesAn enjoyable and fast read. The graphics are spectacular and totally appropriate to the message.For me, this was comparable to several other favorites:- The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan, by Bryan Doerries- Irmina, by Barbara Yelin

Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is given a contemporary interpretation in Nick Hayes' "The Rime of the Modern Mariner", a tale as haunting as Coleridge's but also beautifully illustrated. The Modern Mariner starts out as a man in search of whalebone to fashion dominoes out of to decorate his house with, and so goes to sea with a fishing boat to get his whalebone. The tedium gets to him and he brings out his gun to shoot at the floating detritus of the sea to entertain [...]

This started out promising, but, alas, my expectations proved to be too high. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner happens to be one of my favorite pieces of English literature, so I was eager to see a modern retelling of it. Initially, I enjoyed it: I like the artwork, and I thought parts of it were well written. However, after Part Two, it all went downhill. Here are my thoughts:1. Oh. So this must be what an acid trip is like.2. The tree-hugging hippies are going to LOVE this. It was so preachy, a [...]

This is a modern take on Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The first thing that you will probably notice about this read is the stunning artwork. It has a style all its own and it is truly breathtaking and whimsical. An office worker in a city sits down on a park bench inside a city and is joined by the mariner. The mariner tells the man a tale of his voyage. The tale tells a story of a rocky voyage filled with many hardships. The story touches on modern environmental disasters and it appeals to one' [...]

This is a beautiful tale of a mariner's horrific encounter of a giant swirl of sludge in the Pacific Ocean. The book is beautifully illustrated. I keep looking at the detail in the drawings. A great book to give as a gift.

Coleridge's classic poem is recast in this timely graphic novel about a modern mariner who faces the consequences of his inability to live within the natural world and understand the limits of his humanity.The rhythm of the pictures and verse lines dovetail perfectly.


The art and design are exquisite but Coleridge he is not. The message - or should that be Message - made me want to stop my ears long before the end.

Quality Rating: Four StarsEnjoyment Rating: Three StarsA cautionary tale about pollution and nature, beautifully illustrated and taking inspiration from (of course) Coleridge. While I'm very impressed by Hayes' rhyming skills and lovely art, the moral of looking after nature didn't hit anywhere for me. Admittedly, amongst the political issues I stand up for global warming and pollution is lower on the list of things that hits a personal note for me despite how important it is to be aware of. The [...]

I am going to be completely honest, I only decided to read this book because I need one more and this was short enough to read in one period. However, I was surprised at what I ended up reading. This story is a re creation of the classic mariners tale. It was interesting to see how through all of the protagonists travels and struggles, he realizes how the earth is a living thing just as much as the people on it, and that people should respect it. As far as a book consisting of mostly pictures go [...]

Nice update on Coleridge's poem but the real joy here is in the artwork. Every page is sublime - a mini masterpiece! Hayes' use of line is just superb - each frame is simple but masterful and the use of just two colours is focuses the eye on the glorious illustrations. I have many graphic novels but I think the illustrations in this one are, by some measure, the best and ones I will return to and study over and over again.

This should be required reading in high school English classes around the world. Wow! I picked this up at the library on a whim and am I glad I did. The art work is amazing, the poem readable and moving, and the message of dire importance. I never read the original poem on which it is based, but this version is so relevant and important. I'm extremely impressed. It's very difficult to get 5 stars from me and this does it!

I thought this book was very interesting and the pictures were wet helpful understanding the story. The mariner meets a business man and tells him about his life story and his connection with nature through his journey. The business man didn't care that much and in the end it comes to a conclusion that he will not live a happy life if he is not connected to nature

I love the reinterpretation. I think it's great for both adults and children (especially children interested in the ocean and parents who want to find a fun/enlightening way to have their children understand their environmental impact). The graphic novel is so beautifully done and every rhyme made me smile. Real quick read but deep analysis. Will likely reread but with my little sister.

3.5 stars.Pros:-Striking art and presentation.-Some well written sections of poetry.-Great theme (I have a bias in favour of anything nautical).-Apt message on the failings of mankind.Cons:-Some less well written sections.-Would have liked some more variety and/or depth to some of the scenarios and themes that were touched on.-A distinct lack of mermaids ;)

3.5 stars. Beautiful artwork. I love how it riffs off the original Rime.

Read it aloud, if only in your head.


Artwork beautiful, writing less so.

This graphic novel recreates the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, turning the age-old tale about learning to love all of God's creatures into a story about discovering that the earth has a life. The mariner in this adaptation, like the Ancient Mariner, kills an albatross; but this time, the mariner finds that the notorious symbol is strangled by a fishing net. He journeys through the North Pacific Gyre, coming face-to-face with the horrors of floating plastic and smoking oil rigs, and powerful super [...]

More of a 3.5 than 3 star. The art work of this is utterly gorgeous and was my favourite part of the whole thing. At times the poetry read really beautifully but other times felt a bit clunkier. Definitely interested to read more of Hayes' stuff though.

This is officially the first ever graphic novel I've read. And because of it, I'm probably going to try to read some more. In summary, this is a modern adaption of Coleridge's famous poem 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' (which I haven't read). A fisherman sits down on a park bench in a city centre next to a divorcee and begins to tell him his story. This story is incredibly poignant- the story of pollution and all the horrible things we are doing to the world.However, not only is this a wonderful [...]

Art 5/5, story (poetry) 3/5I read, and then re-reread twice in one sitting this fabulous work.There are some fine touches to the update story by itself which become comments on the Romanticism of the original, such as replacing the wedding guest with the divorcee, bringing in the 'Pagan' gods directly to the narrative surface that works well with New Age ecological sensibilities, the image of the human imagination as mushroom cloud reminiscent of Goya's famous "Sleep of Reason" with a modern twi [...]

I picked this up at a 50% off used graphic novel sale and picked it up on a night where I was quite bored and didn't know what to do. So I snuggled in with my dog and decided to read to him. He just sighed and farted, but that's ok. He's not much of a reader. I didn't read the original, so I had no expectations. Yes, it's a tale of selfish man going on and adventure and finding himself in a world of hurt. It's very much like the moral stories I read growing up, which, aside from the "big" words [...]

So the library gave me this instead of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I had no idea what either one was, but now I will be reading the original.This is a take on a "reworking" or the first version by Stephen Coleridge. This time the apparition that visits the modern city dweller is a mariner who describes his adventures to the Pacific Gyre where he kills an albatross and unleashes a thunderous parade of forces that educate him about man's massive destruction of the environment.I sympathize wit [...]

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