Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India's Foreign Policy

Rajiv Sikri

Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India's Foreign Policy

Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India's Foreign Policy

  • Title: Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India's Foreign Policy
  • Author: Rajiv Sikri
  • ISBN: 9788132100805
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover

Challenge and Strategy Rethinking India s Foreign Policy examines India s foreign policy options in order to ensure that the country retains its space for manoeuvre, to follow an independent foreign policy in the 21st century global scenario.

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I know a lot of people would be like: "What?! A book on diplomacy? And that too on foreign policy? And on Indian foreign policy at that?"But trust me on this one, guys! It was totally worth my time! I have to be pretty honest: if it wasn't for the fact that this book is slightly older than the current day foreign policy of India, and if it weren't for certain change in statistics, this would would be a 5 star read, and not just because I learned so so much from it!Reading Mr Sikri's book is like [...]

An impressive read - a very, very impressive read rather. Sikri, himself being a career diplomat for almost four decades in the Ministry of External Affairs, is expected to know the tricks of the business. But not everyone could have described it in a manner, so lucid and jubilantly candid, like Sikri manages to.The book deals with many aspects of the Indian foreign policy, each one individually in an orderly fashion that even a political novice won't have to toil much. While there are moments w [...]

Quite an instructive book.Coherent. Pragmatic. Rational.Mr Sikri presents that 'Diplomacy will have to be imaginative and skillful, guided by hard-nosed national interest, and tempered with morality and ethics'.Need of hour is an "agile and flexible policy in order to ensure India’s military, economic, energy and environmental security in its strategic neighborhood".By starting with the evolution of Indian Foreign policy to the challenges faced and the way ahead to uphold the national interest [...]

This is a nice work by a former diplomat who has vast experience in Indian foreign affairs. He nicely brings out our relations with concerned countries, groups of countries and organizations. He also throws light on working of MEA, its shortcomings and improvements that can be done. The only issue is with the outdated context. The book was published in 2008-09 and hence this book must be supplemented by a more recent book by the reader.

Good to begin with to get an understanding of evolution of India's foreign policy.Much easier to understand than Tharoor's 'Pax Indica' and Malone's 'Does the Elephant Dance'.But apparently the latest edition is of 2008 and foreign policy of India; and the world have undergone tremendous developments in the recent years which makes it not suitable for the present geopolitical scenario.

the book is a cornerstone in the arena of the foreign policy literature on an Indian account. The encompassing spectrum of the topics covered and the objective and rational approach of the author makes the book a perfect read.

An excellent book on India's foreign policy.

It's a good book on contemporary foreign policy.

a very informative and useful book for the purpose of studying India's foreign policy.

Challenge and Strategy Rethinking India's Foreign Policy is a comprehensive and in-depth book covering all aspects of India's Foreign Policy. Rajiv Sikri delves into his vast experience as a career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service to share insights into how India can learn from the past and develop a coherent foreign policy to project itself as a global player in the world of geopolitics and in International Organisations. However while the book is a great starting point for those interest [...]

Foreign policy is the extension of national interest. The author, being the first hand witness of the foreign policy formulation and implementation process has inadvertently added lustre to his splendid work. Especially commendable is the approach with which the whole boo has been written. Instead of bickering over the flaws,the futuristic and recommendatory tilt of the book is highly commendable. The author has successfully avoided cynical tendencies and has churned out an intellectual stimulan [...]

Having bought the book to look at Indian foreign policy history, I was quite disappointed that it didn't cover much historical aspects rather its quite generic treatment of relationships with various countries was quite off handed. Apart from the last couple of chapters where various inter-linkages and challenges were covered the rest of the work is under-researched and quite off-putting. Not a book any foreign policy enthusiast should read.

A book capturing the political, economic and strategic conditions in 2008 accurately. Grounded in realpolitik, it is interesting to see the way the author goes about explaining the changes occurring in the world in 2008 and extrapolating it to scenarios in the future. The problem lies with the fact that being in 2016, most of it needs to be updated taking into account the current situations. I look forward to future works from the author.

Rethinking India's Foreign Policy by Rajiv Sikri who was former ambassador of India. The India US Nuclear deal chapter can be difficult to digest as Sikri is very critical about the whole development in that field. [That chapter should be ignored.]

Good book for getting familiar with our foreign policy with important countries and multilateral institutions.

A comprehensive research on relationship of India with other nation.

Well written and informative. An update would be awesome.

A 2008 perspective of India's outlook. Tried to be non-judgmental But not possible all times Gives a look at the 2008 scene in a few pages

Nice but not comprehensive book for India's foreign policy.

A wonderful booktally worth the time. A must read for UPSC aspirants and foreign policy lovers

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