A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story

Linda Sue Park

A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story

A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story

  • Title: A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story
  • Author: Linda Sue Park
  • ISBN: 9780547577319
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback

The New York Times bestseller A Long Walk to Water begins as two stories, told in alternating sections, about two eleven year olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985 The girl, Nya, is fetching water from a pond that is two hours walk from her home she makes two trips to the pond every day The boy, Salva, becomes one of the lost boys of Sudan, refugees who covThe New York Times bestseller A Long Walk to Water begins as two stories, told in alternating sections, about two eleven year olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985 The girl, Nya, is fetching water from a pond that is two hours walk from her home she makes two trips to the pond every day The boy, Salva, becomes one of the lost boys of Sudan, refugees who cover the African continent on foot as they search for their families and for a safe place to stay Enduring every hardship from loneliness to attack by armed rebels to contact with killer lions and crocodiles, Salva is a survivor, and his story goes on to intersect with Nya s in an astonishing and moving way.

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“I need only to get through the rest of this day. This day and no other.”Where there is a child, there is always joy. I always thought this was true but the story told otherwise. This is a true to life story of Salva, an 11 year old boy who found little to almost no place in a world where people struggle to survive an almost endless series of conflicts during the Second Sudanese Civil War that started in 1983 . To adults caught in a tumultuous succession of life threatening obstacles, Salva [...]

کتاب قشنگ، با محتوای قشنگ، درباره‌ی یک اتفاق واقعی قشنگ با فونتی قشنگ بود. در مورد محتواش خیلی حرف نمی‌زنم. اما می‌تونه هم دردناک باشه و هم دلنشین. و از اون مهم‌تر درباره‌ی یک چیز واقعیه. وقت زیادی نمی‌بره خوندنش و در عین‌حال لطف زیادی رو می‌رسونه بهت. خوندنش رو پیشنهاد می [...]

Quick read good for multiple ability levels.This book should be an easy inclusion into 7th grade Geography, 6th grade world history, or as an addition to a Holocaust unit. This is how I plan to use it with my 7th grade reading teacher. For younger readers, this book may encourage a class to adopt a project to help bring water to children their age in other places in the world.Book is told from two viewpoints. One is a girl walking each day to get the water her family needs which she carries home [...]

There are some stories that need to be told regardless of how sad or horrifying they might be. The challenge becomes even harder when the stories are being told to children. How much should one include? What details are necessary and what can be left out without changing the story too much? And what about stories that involve extreme violence and severe suffering? How best to tell the story? These questions can be debated over and over again because there is no one right answer. No two authors w [...]

This novel is divided into two alternating narratives that come together in the end. In brown print is the story, set in 2008, of Nya, a young girl from Sudan who has to walk 8 hours round trip to fetch water every day, twice a day. In black print is the story of Salva, a young Sudanese boy whose village is attacked by the rebels in 1985 and who ends up fleeing across the desert to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. After witnessing many horrors, he and other "lost boys," homeless and orphaned, walk ba [...]

Absolutely an astonishing story that I believe can inspire anyone at any age. When you've read about Nya and Salva's dilemmas in life, you really can't say your life is not good. Ask yourself this: Is it really miserable, or are you just not being grateful of what you have? What inspired me the most was the fact that Salva had kept hope and perseverance throughout this dangerous and terrible life. He was able to find a four leaf clover in forest. His uncle's strategy of solving problems and reac [...]

After I read this book, I realized how sad or poor many other places in the world was. While I was at home, playing games or eating amazing food, there were people starving and dying. War. Death. Friends. There were many sad moments, but in the end, it was happy. It taught me many things, like how if you keep on trying you will succeed. Salva kept on trying, and eventually made it to both of the camps. He also kept on trying to raise money for Sudan after he got to America, and he eventually got [...]

After reading this book, I felt like my heart was pierced by an arrow, right in the center, bulls-eye. The story was sad, but in the end, it was a happy ending. There was one part that I thought was most heartbreaking. If you read this book, you might remember. It was the part when Salva's uncle getting shot by the burglars, by his own gun in the desert. And the most irritating part is that they laughed they laughed! They just killed someone! In the beginning, I thought it was inhuman. But after [...]

You should start by first knowing that the book is a children's book--otherwise the writing style will be off-putting. It is a heart-wrenching story of a boy (Salva) who is separated from his parents during the religious war between Arab-Africans and Africans in Sudan. He joins a group and they first try to make their way to Ethiopia where they are chased off by soldiers and forced to jump into a lake filled with crocodiles. He then spends a year and a half with a group headed for Kenya--then Am [...]

The long civil war in Sudan destroyed the country and devastated its people. Park alternates the stories of two Sudanese children, one a Lost Boy, forced to flee his village during an attack and seek refuge in Ethiopia, and a young girl who walks for miles each day to collect water for her family. A brief, powerful story explaining the Sudanese conflict to children and one boy's hope and courage.

I am speechless right now! There are no words to describe this book. It was amazing. It also had very good writing. I vould not put the book down. I can't believe that I finished a book within 2 days. That is how much I was into the book.

(A little spoiling)The book "A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story" was such a inspirational book that made me compare Salva's story, to mine. I have a family. I have education. I have other needs in life that Salva doesn't. It made me wonder how much things that I "want" rather than I "need". It made me wonder how much just one's help, can change someone's life. It made me wonder how not knowing things, can hurt. It made me realize how I'm too lazy to go from my room to the refrigerator t [...]

This book has become my favorite book. It is so detailed and informational. I like how it talks about 2 different main characters. I like how Salva never gives up, he still had hope, Which made me have hope for him. COnnecting to Salva is hard for me, I have never been in that situation. I find so surprising that you don't really hear Nya complain about her water, but for me when I see a little dirt in my water I don't drink it. I find it amazing how these people in Sudan living like this, bad w [...]

After I read this book, I could clearly understand the theme of the book. Which I believe that it was, if you have a goal in life, as long as you try you can always accomplish it and never lose hope. I believe that that was the theme of this book because the book continuously proves to us that that is the theme of the book. The first time we see this is when Salva starts his long walking journey to safety and freedom from violence in the beginning of the book. The next major scene that we see th [...]

This is a quiet book; it is also an explosive and extremely powerful book. For such a short book, it really packs a huge punch -- one that lingers in my mind and makes me want to know more, find out more, and help out if I can! It is a quiet book because Park reports and does not sensationalize. At times, in the beginning of Salva's journey, I felt a slight disconnect: I did not feel that his forced exile from his village or even the loss of his new friend are scenes that moved me emotionally. A [...]

This book is amazing. I really like how it shows different examples of life in Southern Sudan. Salva and Nya's life were so different, yet they live in the same country and same culture, it's just the time period is different. Also, I was deeply touched by, especially, Salva's courage. His life is so different then ours, and our lives are better than his in many ways, yet, he never gave up, and at the end probably experienced and learned more than we ever will. I admire him for that. Another par [...]

In this story, Salva and Nya are the main characters. Their both from Sudan, and faced many challenges. Salva's village was under attacked by the rebels, they had to run away from the village for safety. On this long hard journey to Ethiopia there are many things that happens to Salva both tragic and emotional. Salva is independent and learns how to control one situation at a time. Nya on the other hand, she walks every single day to go get water from the pond. The water is dirty, but that chang [...]

This was a quick read that pact a powerful punch. I highly reccomend it to all. Sometimes we all take for granted the things that come so easily for us. We instinctively feel it to be a basic right for all. ( Not all have access or enjoy the basic necessities of life ) I love how the author artiulates the two POV's and ultimately how they intersect at the end of the book.

A long walk to water is a novel about two stories, Salva's, and Nya's. Nya is a girl who has to fetch water every single day, from a pond miles away from her village. Salva lives in a war-zone, and believes himself to be the only survivor when the rebels attacked his village. What I liked most about the book was the determination and hope of the main protagonist, Salva. He was an orphan, a twelve year old boy who had to walk thousands of miles to different refugee camps all over East Africa, but [...]

This is a simple story that can be read in a single day. The scenes constantly switch from different time periods, telling the stories of the two main characters--a technique I generally don't enjoy--but it worked perfectly here. In 1985, Salva is an eleven-year-old boy from Southern Sudan, sitting in a classroom. Suddenly, gunfire erupts outside. The teacher tells the boys to run, run into the bush. Salva wants to go home to his family, but everyone is scrambling away from men with guns. He run [...]

In every book, there is always one line that is the soul of the book. Remove that one line, and the book turns to rust. This book has one of the most amazing soul-of-the-books in all the books I've read. I believe that the soul in this book is the line "Just this one step-one step at a time." This message is not only repeated, but it is also meaningful. Chinese philosopher, Lao Zi, has once said that "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." These two pieces of text connect toge [...]

"The lion could easily ----It sought out a prey that was small and motionless: Marial, sleeping" (Sue 41) Ms. Linda Park Sue is not an Alexander Dumas, nor does she write extremely remarkable books, but she still touched me with this historical fiction novel.As I think about the first quote, I always link it to society today. Corporations are profiling poor communities or cops racially profiling minorities or the food production industry with animal abuse. These people in power of the consumer a [...]

The book was about a boy named Salva, and a girl named Nya. They're both from Sudan, and have faced many struggles to survive. Salva especially had to go through some rough times in his life. I thought the book was great. I liked how it had two parts of the story. However, sometimes it wouldn't catch my attention. That's why I rated it four stars. Overall the book was amazing, and some parts were sad. I would recommend people to read this book. The literature circles were okay. I liked how we al [...]

This story was one of hope and of survival. It kept surprising me how they still remained human, how they have not yet become monsters of war. How people kill but still remain sanity, follow their cultures. In the title, the word "water" seemed to have morphed into another meaning as I reached the end of the book. The word "water", is hope. It is life. Nya or Salva, both set out on a journey to a destination that seems impossible to reach. It is like walking under grey clouds, thundering bullets [...]

I absolutely loved this book, this book shows the deep relationship between how could the time, culture, and place affects one's life. I honestly was kind of shocked at how people can be such a violent human being. It's interesting to note that some people act differently while living in the same place. Some people might change their behavior so they can adjust to new environment, but some people don't. They act up to their opinions. It was also surprising when Salva became leaders of his people [...]

A Long Walk to Water was a book about two Southern Sudanese citizens, one from the Nuer tribe and the other from the Dinka tribe. Both Salva and Nya were walking a long way to recieve water, clean water. I couldn't relate to this story because I have never experienced lacking water before. Most people in our community lives in great luxury, without knowing. For me, water is luxury. Without water, survival is impossible, death would be inevitable. It's always a pleasure with all the fresh water w [...]

This book startled me. Women and girls in South Sudan still walk miles just to get a drink of water for their family?! They have to suffer from the intense heat of the sun and the thorns only for a basic need. I am under a roof that protects me from all the storms and rain, not needing to think about basic supplies, but on the other side of the world, it's a whole lot different. I am sure you guys are like me but have you thought of helping them?

After I read chapter 10 and 11, I was so shocked that uncle got killed. I thought that uncle could have fought back but he didn't. I was also wondering that why didn't the Nuer helped the group. In the article, it said that Nuer and Dinka made a group to fight back the government. I also wondered why didn't the rest of the group help the uncle, after all uncle did help the group in many ways.

"Three shots rang out. Then the men ran away." This line from the book Three shots and the feeling of dread came. Salva's uncle is dead. He had witnessed his own family member being shot to death. A few seconds ago, uncle was alive but starving, then he was dead. Salva has no one to rely on. Salva's friend, Marial and Uncle both died. His family is somewhere in the world that is out of his reach. Lost. He now has to beg for food, eat the scraps. His heart sunk. I can connect to Salva because I w [...]

This book A Long walk to water made me think for the first time about how much Time, Place, and Culture can change a human being. Salva, the main character in the book lives in a Time, Place, and Culture in which war occurs almost normally and the temperature rarely drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the winters. This gave him a great shock when he first went to America because it was winter there and he almost thought that his lungs with freeze and stop working. The Place of Sudan shaped [...]

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