Dark Lady

Richard North Patterson

Dark Lady

Dark Lady

  • Title: Dark Lady
  • Author: Richard North Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780345439062
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback

Once the prosecutor was a young law student Once the dead man was an honest lawyer Now Stella Marz stares at the body of her former lover, hanging from a doorway in a gruesome tableau.For Stella Marz, the search for Jack Novak s killer leads into another bizarre homicide case, back through her own past and through the city where she was born and where now a good CatholiOnce the prosecutor was a young law student Once the dead man was an honest lawyer Now Stella Marz stares at the body of her former lover, hanging from a doorway in a gruesome tableau.For Stella Marz, the search for Jack Novak s killer leads into another bizarre homicide case, back through her own past and through the city where she was born and where now a good Catholic girl turned career woman she is in crisis Somewhere in this city a hidden alliance of big money, big plans, and dark secrets is fueling a great American revival And somehow Stella Marz will bring the darkness into the light no matter what it reveals, no matter who it destroys

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Solid research add details to the plot of 'Dark Lady' which equal a good story and strong characters, who are very believable. Intricate as filigree, it is impossible to know the next twist, the next turn. The main character Stella Marz is a tarnished gem, but I admire her guts. A Catholic third generation Polish American who had to break with her family to go to college and live the life of an ambitious prosecutor, she has slowly learned how to maneuver in the murky world of politics, where eve [...]

I did not finish this book. Could not get into it.

This book begins so well because Patterson does nearly everything right: the protagonist has a personal stake is the outcome of a murder investigation and the book in about more than the mystery, at least at first. Those familiar with the TV series The Wire will remember that each season was about a civic issue that effected the lives of the characters and everyone in town, such as the drug trade, education, and similar issues. That is what made the series so far above any crime series produced [...]

Dark Lady by Richard North PattersonLegal thriller does not really describe this book. There is anguished soul searching, perverse sex and brutal murders set in an economically challenged city. Stella Marz is an assistant prosecutor in the city of Steelton which was loosely based on Cleveland. Stella spends a great deal of time concerned about her past and what it has taken to get to her current position. Her boss is running for mayor and if successful she may have the opportunity to be the chi [...]

Only our second RN Patterson novel, we agree with the many readers who found aptly titled “Dark Lady” really dark, detailed, and often boring. While it is basically a crime thriller, it is overloaded with politics and political corruption, as the building of a new baseball stadium and the ambitions of everyone associated with that tend to overwhelm the plot to solve two bizarre murders. Moreover, leading lady Stella Marz, a prosecutor in the DA’s office, spends virtually every waking momen [...]

This murder mystery starts on a good note & then deviates into mafia politics, racial discrimination, sex & corruption. The author loses the grip on the story completely & stutters towards a crippled finale. SLOW & BADLY WRITTEN.

I’ve read in several places that Richard North Patterson is a well-respected mystery writer, so I picked this book up at a yard sale with anticipation. Didn’t really knock my socks off, but it was a fairly intriguing tale of politics (and therefore corruption), race relations (and racial politics), organized crime, love affairs and a complex double murder. “Dark Lady” is the sobriquet of Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Stella Marz, because of her fierce, ruthless, unemotional dedication t [...]

Slow moving.The story moved slowly, with perhaps too much minutia. It seemed to get bogged down in too much financial corruption.

Politics, drugs, murder, sex, prostitution, money and morals are deeply imbedded in this book. Three deaths that turn into five is a little unsettling for Stella, assistant prosecutor for the city of Steelton. As you read further into the book, the intricate web of how Tommy Fielding, Jack Novak and three prostitutes were murdered is unsettling and demonic. I was more afraid for Stella and her bulldog ways of fighting for justice because the author wrote the book that pulls the reader into the s [...]

Intricate Puzzler Until The EndTwo sets of seemingly un-related macabre murders point to so many potential suspects that you’ll start wondering if any character can be trusted in this twisting thriller about corruption in a small city. Great read by Richard North Patterson.

Slow in parts, and nothing too surprising. I used to like Patterson years ago but this book is nothing special.

It took a while to get into the bleak world of Steel ton, but towards the end I battled to put the book down! I suppose there was a personal connection too - around the same time I suffered a loss, the protagonist did as well. I had to be with her through to the end - you know, moral support

Another great read from RichardWonderfully crafted as usual. He never lets his readers down.To me he is a genius, with no writer better.

It's the holidays and so I'm continuing my winter 'beach' reads - without the necessity of sunscreen. Richard North Patterson always includes 'instructional' writing about the workings of some enterprise that involves lawyers - so I don't feel too self indulgent about spending a couple of hours reading. Initially I was optimistic that this book would offer an interesting change from the Kilcannon trilogy. Unfortunately the story is really dark. It begins with a murder and proceeds into civic cor [...]

Stella Marz is a prosecutor, living in the fictional city of Steelton, somewhere on the shore of Lake Erie. A mayoral election is coming soon, and the district attorney (whom she hopes to succeed) is one of the candidates. A major part of his platform seems to be opposition to the city's new baseball park.This seems like a quiet sort of story, until murders occur within a couple of days of each other. One of the victims is Stella's former boss and ex-lover, Jack Novak. Another fictim is Tommy Fi [...]

from the libraryhardcover and unabridged audio edition of 12 discsc1999Disc 1This book is a good example of why I didn't read fiction for over 25 years. It depicts in gritty vividnessa time when the steel mills had left and the Catholic church was parasitised by traditionalism which empowered white men to brutalize their cowed wives and their daughters who tried to escape that fate through education. This was (is) a time when the best most white men could hope for was exploitation, the best most [...]

This is probably among the most underrated novels by RNP; in fact, after having read many other of his books, I stepped into this one almost by coincidence and I ended up with an extremely good crime story in my hands. This is a dark story indeed, dark facts taking place in a gloomy city, there is virtually no character without the burden of a haunting past; a story of despair that leaves you with a feeling of suffocating.A tense narrative, a complex plot with several twists and turns and - as u [...]

This is one of my favourite books. Yes its dark but its also hopeful. Stella is a frustrating character. She projects an image of being successful and together but inside she is racked with guilt over her family and the bad choices she made when she was younger. She's also openly ambitious to the point where it seems she has given up any type of a social life. I was really hoping this would be one of those books that had a sequel but I guess it was not to be. I thought with this interesting a mi [...]

This book offered me what I needed last week, which was an entertaining distraction. Overall, it was a respectably done version of same-old-same-old: a mafia/crime thriller in a decaying, rust-belt small city rife with ethnic and racial tension. I think North Patterson is remarkably talented, and I believe his talents are best used when he tackles complex social issues. "Protect and Defend" is a masterpiece, and nowhere in this book do you see the talent that went on to create that kind of a pro [...]

What Richard North Patterson does best is create characters that are real, and then let's the plot follow the decisions of the characters and what they would do. I never find his characters acting out of character, which brings the story to life. The Dark Lady is one of those stories with the rich and deep characters I have come to expect from RNP. I walked away feeling like I knew them deeply and lived the experience with them.

this took a bit of getting into but about half way thru the pace picked up and u r hooked! stella is great character. an assistant county prosecutor is the head of the homicide unit. ruthless at tracking down killers and bringing them to justice however here we have greed, corruption and lies - sounds like our govt (!) - or any govt for that matter,. the closer stella gets to the truth the higher and more persol price she must play a great psychological thriller bev

I learned about corrupt city politics. How ball stadiums are built, who gets contracts, who benefits, the back room deals made, what hidden agendas lurk lay in the hearts of our "public servants".Patterson is, in my opinion, a very good writer. His books challange my thinking, his characters are complex and real.

a Polish Mary DiNunzioon the prosecutor's side of the court roomory of city graft and a murder mystery in a Cleveland-like, rust-belt cityI picked it up for a trip to NYC and its large printdiscovered I read it about 10 years ago as I finished it at O'hare Airport OK read and I'd like to see if this character emerges in RNP's later writing

Terrific book! Corruption reaches its newest heights in Patterson's novel. It gives one an inside look at organized crime and its powers to insulate itself from the law. The book also examines the ethics of its characters and their ambitions to succeed. This is the best Patterson book I have read thus far. Recommended to all!

Stella Marz, Assistant County Prosecutor, becomes involved in two homicide investigations days apart: the drug lawyer, who 13 years ago was her boss and lover; and, the project manager of the politically involved baseball stadium under construction.

Patterson weaves an intricate web of intrigue about a down-and-out old mill town in the Midwest that is trying to re-define itself. The corruption, back-stabbing, twisted fantasies, and ultimate resolution are well-crafted and enjoyable. Recommended.

Complex and poorly plotted mystery has Stella investigating possible homicides amid multi-layered political intrigue. Characters’ interrelationships and motivations were left pretty vague, and no surprise at the end -- the bad guy really WAS the bad guy. Disappointing!

I had a hard time putting this book down. It is a dark story - some supposedly good people are not who they appear to be, others are just evil and don't care. There were enough twists and turns to keep me guessing - I liked it!

I picked this up on a whim and was lucky enough to have made a good choice. This is the first I read by Richard North Patterson and while it was dark, with some complex characters, it was a difficult book to walk away from.

A good political thriller. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

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