Twin Passions

Miriam Minger

Twin Passions

Twin Passions

  • Title: Twin Passions
  • Author: Miriam Minger
  • ISBN: 9780982883518
  • Page: 467
  • Format: ebook

Beautiful, feminine Anora finds her wedding plans suddenly shattered She and her identical twin, tomboyish Gwendolyn, are kidnapped and taken aboard a Viking ship While the handsome captain mistakes Gwendolyn for a boy and appoints her his servant, Anora captures his heart and he vows to have her To preserve her sister s maidenhood, Gwendolyn initiates a dangerous game.Beautiful, feminine Anora finds her wedding plans suddenly shattered She and her identical twin, tomboyish Gwendolyn, are kidnapped and taken aboard a Viking ship While the handsome captain mistakes Gwendolyn for a boy and appoints her his servant, Anora captures his heart and he vows to have her To preserve her sister s maidenhood, Gwendolyn initiates a dangerous game Will the twins be rescued before Gwendolyn surrenders to her own passion

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Exciting, Fast-Paced Viking Romance Kept Me Reading!I should first say that I loved this story. It’s a 5-star historical romance, but I could not give it 5 stars as it suffers from some improbable elements and missed details (discussed below). Even with these detractions, however, I found the story absorbing and it kept me reading late into the night. I recommend it. Set in England and Norway in 973-984 AD, when King Edgar ruled the Anglo-Saxons, it tells of two beautiful twin sisters who are [...]

Holy crap with the 9-to-5 dragqueen-do. :oOctober 1st:Free again, today, ladies!

Let me open my review by saying that this was the first book published as a "romance novel" I've ever read (well, read in its entirety, that is). I wanted to expand my horizons through exposure to different types of fiction, and I thought that this book, with its medieval setting and quasi-Shakespearean plot, was a good choice for an introduction to the genre.I expected that it would at least hold my interest, and in that respect, it didn't disappoint. The plot was interesting enough to keep me [...]

I have just finished this fabulous storyI cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it, its a must read.A wonderfull Viking Historical Romance, starts with Twin beauties Gwendolyn and Anora High born females being captured from their homeland in England by Vikings on the eve of Anora's wedding. What an adventure they have in store for them, many scary moments, hardships, and danger. Luckily Gwendolyn is a tomboy and has learnt many male skills, she is one strong, high spirted, fiesty female who at all [...]

WOW. This was Miriam Minger's debut novel and it is my FAVORITE so far that I've read of hers. I've always been fascinated by Vikings and the history of the Norse people. This book combines that rich history with a very interesting love story that was full of development, change, and tension. If you love romance, history, and unique plots, this is a GREAT read. Now, don't expect a picture perfect hero, because the men in this story are products of their rather savage times. Still, I was touched [...]

Another oldie resurrected for Kindle that I downloaded for free.It was pretty cheesy, and I could not finish it.No rating because DNFThis was apparently the Author's first novel, so it is possible that her other works would be more enjoyable.

Surprised myself, but I actually enjoyed this read.

Great book. I look forward to the others in the series

I absolutely loved this book. Twins, Anora and Gwendolyn, are very different in personality and spirit yet are completely identical in looks except Gwendolyn keeps her hair short. Gwendolyn is definitely a tomboy with her short hair, breeches, galloping around on horses and even trained in wweapondry. The morning Anora is due to marry Prince Wulfgar, her and Gwendolyn are kidnapped by Vikings. Gwendolyn is mistaken as a boy (Anora's brother,named Garric) while Anora steals the heart of the capta [...]

I always look forward to reading historical romances or historical novels which are set in the Viking culture; however, this one really feel flat. It was supposed to be a historical romance but it was just too bad.The overall story wasn't awful but as Gwen and Anora are identical twins it seems far fetched that Hakon would believe Gwen is a boy named Garric. And these two keep switching places though it does become apparent to me that Hakon is only truly taken with Gwen.What kills me is that he' [...]

Twin Passions by Miriam MingerGodric, the Earl of Cheshire and his wife, Lady Bronwen have twin daughters. Anora is always the proper English lady while Gwendolyn enjoys wearing her trousers and going on the hunts with her father. More like a son. Life was about to change for the young ladies as Anora was about to marry so they agreed to spend one more morning together before the marriage. A morning that turns out quite differently for them. The morning they go from English ladies to Viking slav [...]

I started reading this ebook while sitting in a waiting room for a dentist. I needed something light that won't captivate me too much so I could hear when they called my name.I don't know why I downloaded this book. I mean I knew it was a Kindle freebie, but it's obviously a bodice ripper historical romance oldie. Probably the plot with twins made me do it, I love stories about twins and mistaken identities.Well the story is fairly classical: two beautiful English noble twin sisters: one docile [...]

Better than I thought it would be.Gwendolyn is definitely your typical headstrong, tomboy heroine - which definitely borders on the line between awesome and annoying. She has many redeeming qualities though, protective of her sister, hardworking, and determined. She also makes one of the ultimate sacrifices to save her twin Anora, which is a pro in my book.One of the biggest annoyances in the story was the repeated mistake of leaving un-escorted. In fact, that's what got the twins in to this ent [...]

A fun book to read when your brain hurts. Of course, many implausible plot elements, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment one bit. I don't really have that Jane Austin fetish that many women have, so it was nice to read a romance that was not set in Regency England. There are manly men with muscles and chest hair. Beautiful and likable heroines wear silken dresses. People have sex about 40% into the novel, and it doesn't seem improbable that they would want to do so. It does manage to be fair [...]

This story takes place in 973 A.D. It is historical fiction and romance. I enjoyed reading a good novel of this genre in a time period that is generally not well covered. Anora and Gwendolyn are Anglo-Saxon twins. Anora is set to be married to the son of a Danish king to bring their lands and alliances together. Gwendolyn is the "tomboy" who can't imagine the horror of getting married. They are both kidnapped by Vikings on the morning of Anora's wedding and taken to Norway. Gwendolyn and Anora f [...]

It's really unoriginal. And has so many discrepancies like, Wulfgar had never been inside the twins home, but he knew exactly where Anora's room was. Gwendolin was whipped and, minutes after, was having sex with Hakon. No whip marks? Not even a little blood? No lasting pain? really? zero? Oh well But these are just a few examples. Do you know what really bothered me? None of the characters seemed real. There were no grey areas in their personalities. Or they were profusely angry or upset, or the [...]

I shouldn't have liked this book but I really did . The whole twin switching thing read like an overdone French farce, but I still enjoyed it. The story was full of implausibilities, improbabilities, historical inaccuracies, and holes (too many to list), but, what the hey, it was still a darn good romance/adventure with that gave me an evening's worth of very fun entertainment. I guess this is what they mean by "a guilty pleasure." (PS--glad they changed that original cover of Dolly Parton meets [...]

I really liked this one, it was nice reading a story not set in our current time. There were a few things that I had to scratch my head and because I didn't think it would go unnoticed or wasn't possible, but they weren't bad enough for me to stop reading. The ending was good, but I wanted more, even after reading the epilogue, but I've felt that way about almost all the books I've read so I starting to think I just want a super duper ending because I think of them as real people and I want to k [...]

I really liked how much historical detail this had about Viking life, and the slow-moving plot. There were still a few problems with it (such as how much one villain is played up, to have so little role in the book), but ultimately it's a great little adventure tale. Also, although there are sex scenes (be forewarned if you don't like them at all), they were neither over-the-top graphic, nor the major focus of the book. Ultimately, an enjoyable free read from .

I really liked the idea behind this book and found Gwendolyn quite funny and headstrong. A really interesting amd attaching character. However, I found Anora very weak and useless, always relying on her sister but never standing up for her. For me, love between siblings amd specially between twins should be equal but that was not the feeling I got here and I was quite bothered by it.But still, a nice book to read and a lot of sexy Vickings to warm the cold of winter :)

415p Beautiful, feminine Anora finds her wedding plans suddenly shattered. She and her identical twin, tomboyish Gwendolyn, are kidnapped and taken aboard a Viking ship. While the handsome captain mistakes Gwendolyn for a boy and appoints her his servant, Anora captures his heart and he vows to have her. To preserve her sister's maidenhood, Gwendolyn initiates a dangerous game. Will the twins be rescued before Gwendolyn surrenders to her own passion?

I thought it was a great book. The only thing that keeps me from making it a 5 rating was the ending. I did not like the fact he had to convert. I know it was historically accurate, which I give credit for that but it annoyed me.

Maybe this should be 2.5 stars, I'm not sure. I was disappointed in the ending, I thought it could've told more about Anora's reunion with her love, and that viking should've figured it out long before he did.

A great book that has twin sisters switching places multiple times without anyone noticing. I find it very entertaining when they call her very feminine but then do not recognize her as female when they see her dressed as a man. Despite this flaw I still enjoyed the book.

A captivating story. Both Gwendolyn and Anora are very different in character but I just loved how their love for each other is refreshing and powerful. I really enjoyed this story, sucked me in from the very beginning. A well worth read!

Second book I have read of Miss Minger and I can say I do like her style.Good story, bit long at times and the twins needed better back bones in my opinion but I did enjoy it and couldn't wait to see what happen next.

I have a secret soft spot for really dramatic, 1990's era romance and that definetly was how I would describe this book. It had all the overdramatic alpha-male personas, beautiful females, and torid, passionate love in it that I crave so much. Probably not for everyones taste but I enjoyed it.

This was free on my kindle. I enjoyed the historical perspective, characters, and story. I was impressed that the author could write in this time period without being bogged down. Many others that I have read in similar periods forgot their storyline. Good read!

It was OK. I skimmed a lot of it. It didn't get really interesting until like 60% into the book. It's an old one written in 1988. No something I'd pick up again.

Great fairy tale sexy viking romance, Connie Mason style, awesome adventure, love the twin troublemakers

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