Gucci: Business in Fashion

Paola Trimarco

Gucci: Business in Fashion

Gucci: Business in Fashion

  • Title: Gucci: Business in Fashion
  • Author: Paola Trimarco
  • ISBN: 9780582461598
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback

Penguin Readers Level 2

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1. Penguin level22. 12/8=40minutes3. Fashion-brand company-Italy-family-horse-famous-world4. A)The famous Gucci GG logo came from a stirrup.B)I did not know the meaning of the logo, so I was surprised at it!!5. GUCCI is very famous band all over the world, so I was interested in this book. I was be able to know about the GUCCI! Gucci Gucci was great person. I respect him!!

Extensive Listening & Reading 2Mathew's classMathew's classMathew's classMathew's class-about 50 minutes(11/3)-7 word summary:Gucci-expensive-history(origin?)-family-company-argument-pressently-Discussion Questions:1.In this book, there is the question page about GUCCI.There, how is your values for clothes, fashion?Other Questions)How much can you pay for clothes? Answer:In my case, I'm not so interested in clothes, but I want clothes of the strong materials!By the way, according to the stor [...]

1. Penguin, Level 22. 90minutes3. Gucci, family, history, bland, fashion, expensive, recent4.a) Gucci is famous for beautiful clothes and bags, expensive jewelries and perfumes around the world. This bland was settled by Guccio Gucci. He was born in Italy. His family was also affecting for Gucci's management.b) I like question pert "Is Gucci for You?" in this book. It has 10 questions. I answered these questions, as a result, I am not ready for Gucci. 5. This book has question perts, pictures an [...]

1. Penguin readers level22. 40min+40min=80min3. Fashion family Italy luxurious problem world leather4a. In the 1980s, Gucci products were more famous than before. Maybe too famous! Many people wore Gucci, so the clothes were not new and different. The Gucci logo suddenly out of fashion. Today, Gucci is in fashion again. 4b. I was surprised that Gucci was not popular after it became famous. However thanks to their great product Gucci became more popular than before so great work5. I know Gucci bu [...]

1. PENGUIN READERS Level 32. 04/19: 40minutes; 04/20: 40minutes3. fashion, famous, expensive, family, idea, company, Celebrity4. Many famous people wear Gucci. This passage proves popularity, so I thought it is important to be worn by a celeblity. I'm happy to know this.5. I could know about Gucci's history. I had already known the name "Gucci", but I didn't know anything else. I was surpried to know that Gucci's family started a business. Through the story in this book, our personal appearances [...]

1. PENGUIN READERS, Level 22. 89 min3. fashion, famous, hollywood, jewelry, idea, design, company4. what kind of company do you want to take? I want to be a member of food company because I wanna be involved in processing of food production.5.I'd already known the name "GUCCI", however, I had noticed the history of GUCCI. So to speak GUCCI, it reminds me of luxuary.However, I was surprised to know that Maurizio who is the last of the family at GUCCI was shut outside of his huose. It was really t [...]

1. Penguin, level 22. 22/11/2016; 80 minutes 3. Gucci; famous; company; Italy; products; history; family at work 4. Gucci is famous around the world for its beautiful and expensive clothes and other things. The company started with one small store. Today Gucci is number one in world fashion. 5. I am really interested in fashion and I know that Gucci is popular in the world. I found that all the famous and successful company forced to kind a difficult situation and then they became big.

Penguin Level 2It took 90 minutes.Word summery- Fashion, Italy, Florence, children, cloth leather, horseQ and A- Do you ever wear Gucci?I don't have Gucci's products. It is expenseve. Gucci had a lot of children. They create new idea after Gucci was dead. I hope Gucci will be loved forever.

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