The Secret She Can't Hide

India Grey

The Secret She Can't Hide

The Secret She Can't Hide

  • Title: The Secret She Can't Hide
  • Author: India Grey
  • ISBN: 9780373237616
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback

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World famous racing driver Cristiano Maresca always spent the night before a race in the arms of a beautiful womanOne night three years ago that woman was Kate Edwards, and her time with Cristiano awakened her to unimaginable pleasure But the following day the untamable Cristiano had a near fatal crashd then Kate discovered she was expecting his baby.Now MontWorld famous racing driver Cristiano Maresca always spent the night before a race in the arms of a beautiful womanOne night three years ago that woman was Kate Edwards, and her time with Cristiano awakened her to unimaginable pleasure But the following day the untamable Cristiano had a near fatal crashd then Kate discovered she was expecting his baby.Now Monte Carlo is set to celebrate Cristiano s return to the track Shivering with nerves, Kate braves the paparazzi to find the man who set her body aflame and tell him her scandalous secret.Italy s most notorious playboy has a love child

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May contain some spoilersI didn’t want this book to end!!!! I have always loved India Grey’s books but “Her Last Night of Innocence” is by far my favorite one. I loved reading about Cristiano Maresco, a famous, gorgeous, rich racing car driver and Kate Edwards, a shy virgin who doesn’t believe that she is beautiful and is unable to understand how a man like him could ever even look her way!!!Their story is filled with pain, sorrow, love and the joy of finding each other’s true soul m [...]

Interesting twist on the secret baby story. Race car driver loses his memory of his one night stand with the virgin heroine after his car crashes the next day. Heroine tried to contact him several times but his PA didn't pass on her letters. The H/h meet again after four years when the hero is poised to return to racing. The heroine goes to Monaco in one last attempt to tell the H about his son.The hero kinda sorta recognizes her and then realizes she holds the key to his memory loss. They go to [...]

Excellent spectacular read,a sorrowful roller coaster love story ,both Cristiano-Kate have their own fears and they need to overcome those fears come together love together n be happy togetherKate Edwards couldn't believe she had spent the most amazing night with the famous Christiano Marseca. They had not just shared passion, they talked about their pasts, something this Italian playboy never did and it was special for both of them. However, thinking about her while racing his car ended in a cr [...]

4.5 stars. The heroine Kate hears that racing driver Cristiano, the hero, is about to return after a long recuperation following a very bad crash a few years back, and she knows that now is the time to tell him that their glorious night together resulted in their son. However when she finally gets the courage to approach him Cristiano doesn't know who she is, so she decides not to bother. Cristiano has no memory of Kate but senses something between them so, desperate to regain parts of his lost [...]

This started off well, but I couldn't buy into Cristiano and Kate’s relationship. It moved a little slowly at times. The descriptions and internal monologues seem to just drag on and on. This is my 2nd book to read by this author and I have noticed that she has nice ideas plot-wise but the end result is flat and monotonous. The lame sex scenes and the bad epilogue didn't help either.

Kate couldn't believe that happened to her. She was supposed to interview the famous car racer, but they connected. They talked about themselves, something Christiano rarely did, and one thing led to another and they finished in bed. It would've been a happy ending, if Christiano didn't have a car crash on the track next morning that resulted in memory loss. So when Kate couldn't get to him she went home, heartbroken and pregnant.Kate has had some tragedies in her life. Both her father and her b [...]

3.5 stars. My first time to read an HP by India Grey. Very enjoyable, but with a few loose ends and in need of an epilogue. I wanted to know if there were any consequences for the PA who seemingly kept the knowledge of his son from him. His sudden abandonment of his career for his family felt rushed. Will definitely read more from this new-to-me author.

I've only read a couple of books by this author but haven't had a 'bad' story yet. Will always grab for this author's books just to check out.It's always good to at least expect a good short from someone for the $5 you will be spending.

I read this under the other title and I did like the novel but I found it sad that it took so much effort to try and tell the hero that he had a son. I mean talk about overkill. It was sad in that aspect.

India Grey is one of the best newer authors in the Modern series line and her books keep getting better.

A wonderful read.A highly wonderful storyline that keeps getting better the more you reada nice adventure.While conducting an interview both Kate and Cristiano experience undeniable attraction and a connection leading them to an unforgettable night of passion. He requests her to wait for him after the race because he can't bare to part.unaware that someone else watching and jealous. Kate worst nightmare occurs.he crashes! An upset Kate tries to see him but can't get in.d finally gives up and goe [...]

Rating: 4.5 stars because I vividly remember the storyline.If I remember clearly a story which I read 4 years ago that I haven't read since first reading it, then to me it's a very good indication that it was a great read.

Good read hated and I do mean hated the very rushed ending!

So used to reading LG books with dyslexic heroines, I was a little taken aback by the fact that here Cristiano, the H, has severe dyslexia. His past and his determination was quite sad to read about. The fact that he kept trying to prove himself somehow yet found himself inadequate. His struggle of reading the letter given to him by Kate in the chateau. These scenes were quite emotional. I was not very ready for this book because of the fact that the story seemed quite depressing. Cristiano also [...]

blurb from before a race in the arms of a beautiful woman…One night three years ago that woman was Kate Edwards, and her time with Cristiano awakened her to unimaginable pleasure. But the following day the untamable Cristiano had a near-fatal crash…and then Kate discovered she was expecting his baby….Now Monte Carlo is set to celebrate Cristiano's return to the track. Shivering with nerves, Kate braves the paparazzi to find the man who set her body aflame—and tell him her scandalous sec [...]

Kate fell for a race car driver, Cristiano, four years ago. He was in a near fatal accident on the track after they spend a wonderful night together.Four years have passed and Kate has a son. She will not move on with her life until she knows there is no possibility of a family with Cristiano. She has tried to contact him on several occasions without much luck, until she gets invited to his return to the track party.They see each other, he follows her and they spend sometime together in a cabin. [...]

This is one book I wish was longer. I actually liked these characters. A lot.It was a nice change to read about a race car driver instead of the numerous Greek tycoons. And I love this author's style. She has a good and clear language, her characters are warm and likable, and the plot is actually believable. These characters are "normal" unlike the tycoons who have mountains and mountains of money.Once I started reading this one, it was impossible to put down the book. If I were a writer, this i [...]

Not a bad one, and not quite as dark as some others by India Grey. The premise that everything changed for Cristiano after their first night together wasn't very realistic to me. And really the idea that they were in love with each other in the end isn't very believable either if I think about it, but I was able to suspend disbelief and go with it.

This story was just too fake for my liking and It did not sound like love to me but lust also the whole secret baby thing was weird in this one! Why not just tell him he knocked u up babe?! I mean I understand after the accident but it was long enough for her to at least tell him he had a kid. Whatever just not my thing.

this was a case of one day amnesia. i'm not sure christiano can be the same man again or recapture his feelings for kate but he fell in love instantly wid his son. he did remember in the end but the magic was lost.

this is my 2nd book to read by this author, i have to say i just dont understand why she has to kill or make so many people ill. i was not even going to give her a 2nd chance and i should have stuck with that. sad story the end was basically happy.

Check out my review and a teaser here: frommetoyouvideophoto/2012/02/feasted-on-secret-she-cant-hide-byml

Oh!Oh!Oh!I love the story!!The sweet cristianOh cristianoIf only the author made alexander cuter than he is nowWell i didn't expect the ending would be he lose one and then gain anotherI thought he'd get along with both. Life and racingShort but such a lovely story

awww i love it! it reminds me of the days of me crushing over nelson piquet jr. ahahahaha >///<

Good Read. Lots of romance.

I was surprised by how much I really liked this book. I just wish it was longer.

I really really didn't want this book to end !! It's just fabulous

I would give this a 3.5 but that wasn't an option.

Nicely done. I like this author.

i wish it was a longer kind of book !!!!!

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