An Uncertain Inheritance: Writers on Caring for Family

Nell Casey

An Uncertain Inheritance: Writers on Caring for Family

An Uncertain Inheritance: Writers on Caring for Family

  • Title: An Uncertain Inheritance: Writers on Caring for Family
  • Author: Nell Casey
  • ISBN: 9780060875305
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover

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In this eloquent collection of essays from the editor of the national bestseller Unholy Ghost Writers on Depression contributors reveal their experiences in caring for family through illness and deathToday, thirty million people look after frail family members in their own homes This number will increase drastically over the next decade as baby boomers tiptoe toward oldIn this eloquent collection of essays from the editor of the national bestseller Unholy Ghost Writers on Depression contributors reveal their experiences in caring for family through illness and deathToday, thirty million people look after frail family members in their own homes This number will increase drastically over the next decade as baby boomers tiptoe toward old age as soldiers return home from war wounded, mentally and physically as a growing number of Americans find themselves caught between the needs of elderly parents and young children as medical advances extend lives and health insurance fails to cover them This compelling book offers both literary solace and guidance to the people who find themselves witness to and participants in the fading lives of their intimates.Some of the country s most accomplished writers offer frank insights and revelations about this complex relationship Julia Glass describes the tension between giving care to her two young sons and needing care after being diagnosed with breast cancer Ann Harleman explores her decision to place her husband in an institution Sam Lipsyte alternates between dark humor and profound understanding in telling the story of his mother s battle with cancer Ann Hood wishes she d had time as a caregiver, to prepare herself for the loss of her daughter Andrew Solomon examines the humbling experience of returning as an adult to be cared for by his father cartoonist Stan Mack offers an illustrated piece about the humor and hell of making his way through the medical bureaucracy alongside his partner, Janet Julia Alvarez writes about the competition between her and her three sisters to be the best daughter as they tend to their ailing parents An Uncertain Inheritance examines the caregiving relationship from every angle children caring for parents parents caring for children sib lings, spouses, and close friends, all looking after one another to reveal the pain, intimacy, and grace that take place in this meaningful connection.

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These essays bear witness to the emotional cost of caring for someone who is ill, of losing someone; of making a different life as a result of a husband's degenerative disease, a wife's battle with cancer, a mother's struggle with Alzheimer's, a child's sudden death. Some of the stories are poignant; some are hopeful (not every story has a sad ending); some are heartbreaking. Certainly not a light read.

As a longtime caregiver, I read this book hoping to find some comfort, but, I found the book a very disturbing reminder of much that I have already put behind me. Still, the writing is all vivid and some of it is searingly honest, and, all in all, I'm glad I read it. It's unsettling, though, definitely.

Opend my eyes to the truth of actually having to constantly subject or avoid someone who is dying or needs immediate care. It made me realize the psychological demands being cared for have. I highly enjoyed the compilation from so many different perspectives. There were many aspects that crossed over from story to story. These stories were very sobering to the reality and truth of dying.

I think anyone with a family or a friend, should read this book. It provides some incredible perspective and points of view many never get to consider. I might increase my rating.

Collection of short stories about being a caregiver-- mother/child, spouse/spouse, child/parent, etc. Some were better than others, but nothing great.

Really good book. Each short memoir was an interesting true story of being a caregiver or or being cared for.Meaningful to me passages:page 32 "My Other Husband" by Ann Harleman: "Now I can see that going into the nursing home not only saved Bruce's life but his spirit. And not only his but mine. At the time, though, there was no promise of this, or even hope of it.There was the terrible aloneness of making the decision. I kept picking up the phone to call someone and talk it over, then realizin [...]

This book is depressing, but it is supposed to be. It is compilation of short stories written by people who are required to care for loved ones who are aging and deteriorating, or suffering from a disability of some sort. If you are not currently caring for a loved one, this book is a picture into your future. It made me wonder how I will cope with the responsibility.

heart wrenching true life experiences written by writers who have been caregivers to loved ones. All the stories are different and the experiences are very personal. This book can help someone faced with illness or loss.

I liked the variety, ranging from care-givers to those receiving care, from family to friends to others, as well as the variety of styles of writing. Much of the book was painful to read, yet this is the reality of the subject. Perhaps the book tilted a bit much to the most difficult situations.

Thoroughly sad (and seriously NOT for those who easily turn to contemplating their own mortality), but otherwise an excellent collection of essays on the grief, futility, and unceasing work of caregiving and living through a loved one's pain.

Each of the essays brought up different aspect of giving or receiving care. "Planet Autism" made me think the most of any of the stories. This book is not an easy read, but at some time most of us will either be a caregiver or need someone's care, so it is a timely topic that deserves attention.

some absolutely amazing heart-breaking stories including one by a korean-american guy caring for his father in florida. and an absolutely hilarious story by a lawyer/writer in new york about her mother.

Great book. Essays about caregiving in different situations. Read the library copy but liked it so well I bought a used copy from

This is a collection of stories about caregiving. It was a surprisingly engrossing read.

Case histories of people dealing with loved ones who are dying and how they cared for them up until the end.

I am hopping around these essays/stories

Excellent collection of memoirs that makes this book your friend, with real life examples of family caregivers

Excellent, especially for those entering the world of the caregiver, or being cared for. Moving and insightful.

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