Have Glove, Will Travel: Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond

Bill Lee Richard Lally

Have Glove, Will Travel: Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond

Have Glove, Will Travel: Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond

  • Title: Have Glove, Will Travel: Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond
  • Author: Bill Lee Richard Lally
  • ISBN: 9781400054077
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover

Book by Lee, Bill, Lally, Richard

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Bill "Spaceman" Lee is one of the most colorful personalities to ever step onto a baseball diamond and this book perfectly captures that personality in a collection of tales from his days after major league baseball. Lee is a Boston legend not only for his heroics on the field, but also for his uncensored sound bites and wacky behavior. This book, though not dealing with the famous (or infamous) incidents that made Lee such an oddity, gives plenty of evidence of that bigger then life persona. Th [...]

They called him "Spaceman" - an opinionated, wise-cracking, irreverent, incorrigible, narcissistic party animal. Bill Lee was major league baseball's redheaded step child - an unapologetic, pot smoking counter-culturist in a tradition bound profession who delighted fans while infuriating baseball's brass with his wild antics and outspokenness. His book, `Have Glove Will Travel', is a perfect reflection of his persona, and whether or not you enjoy it will depend heavily on how much you enjoy Bill [...]

A very enjoyable read from perhaps the most liberal, literate, thoughtful, philosophical anti-establishment baseball player of all time (well, there's always Bouton, too).The book covers Lee's blacklisting from baseball via clashes with Jim Fanning and the Montreal Expos due to the team's dismissal of a player he felt invaluable to the team. Essentially banned from the major leagues (of America), Bill sets out to find adventures and comraderie in the minor, semi-pro, and extremely UNorganized le [...]

Even as a fan of Bill Lee, I have to say this book is for the fan who understands that it's all about the game. A player is a player, and they have to find somewhere to play, whether it be in Cuba, Russia, Nova Scotia, Florida, or wherever. This book details Bill "Spaceman" Lee's travels, literally, from the time he was released from the Montreal Expos for standing up against the manager and GM following teammate Rodney Scott's release to the time the book was written. It details his adventures, [...]

Bill "Spaceman" Lee was an intriguing and controversial pitcher back in the day when I was growing up. To most of my generation, he was a player who stood out and made the game more entertaining. To my parents' generation, he was a no good semi-criminal who was ruining baseball. (This is a simplified summary, but probably not that far off the mark)I was actually looking for Lee's autobiography "The Wrong Stuff" (which I still haven't found) when I stumbled across this book. It hones in on the pa [...]

The second part of Bill Lee's autobiography (inshallah there will be a third part!) tracks the Spaceman's life trajectory following his blackballing from Major League Baseball. Highlights include his time spent pitching in Venezuela, in semi-pro ball in Ontario, in less than semi-pro ball in far flung regions of Canada, against the Soviet National team, and in futile struggle against superannuated players on several trips to Cuba. Bill Lee is the only MLBer that Warren Zevon ever wrote a song ab [...]

Bill Lee is a hoot. And really funny. A bit heavy on the '60s drugs-are-my-lifestyle, but whatever. This follows him from when he gets cut from the Expos. (According to his story, it was a personality/polotical thing, and then he got blackballed---that's the reason he didn't come back. There's probably some truth to it, and he makes a good argument, but it is just his side. Hey, it's his book; he gets to say what he wants.) Then he sort of maps out his life of trying to play baseball here and th [...]

Lee's second effort, in which he describes his post-baseball career and travels, is highly entertaining as well. His attitude is once a ball player, always a ball player, and he will go wherever there is a game, be it Russia, China, Cuba, Venezeula, or Canada. Again, Lee writes with humor and surprising insight about life as an athlete. But unlike The Wrong Stuff, Have Glove Will Travel takes place over many more decades, and lacks the coherence of his first effort. Parts of it are incredible, w [...]

This book is so funny. Its about how a Major League Pitcher is blackballed from baseball and it tells of his adventures trying to find somewhere to play from their on out. The author is such a cool character. When asked about mandatory drug testing in baseball he said "Well i've tested all of the drugs but i don't think it should be mandatory." If you like baseball and want to laugh read this for sure.

Most of the baseball authored books I've read are so dull - Bill Lee had complied his tales in snapshots with his insights and reflections as he travels all over (Cuba, South America, Canada) to keep on pitching in various leagues. The characters he meets he records their stories quickly and with a sharp eye - he's a pitcher but this book shows he's a humorous, profound, writer. Think Bill Bryson goes Gonzo.

Lee writes sort of like he pitches -- like a crazy person. He tends to drop threads of stories and forget to go back to them, but the stories he finishes are hilarious and heart-breaking, sometimes at the same time. Not so much a baseball book as a book about a crazy dude who happened to play baseball, but interesting.

A light read, but full of funny stories and generally well written. Recommended for anyone who loves baseball at all levels, semi-pro, little league, pick-up leagues etc. My favorite stories involve his trip to the Russian pool hall. I'll leave the details unsaid in case you read it.

My favorite baseball book. Lee renders his wit and pinache and hardheadedness onto the page.

cannot get enough of Lee !!

A collection of incidents, fun, but they don't add up to more than the sum of their parts

The spaceman writes a quirky book, more anecdotes than autobiography. More than a few laughs and a good philosophy of life buried in here.

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