Work: The Meaning of Your Life - A Christian Perspective

Lester Dekoster

Work: The Meaning of Your Life - A Christian Perspective

Work: The Meaning of Your Life - A Christian Perspective

  • Title: Work: The Meaning of Your Life - A Christian Perspective
  • Author: Lester Dekoster
  • ISBN: 2940011119705
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Nook

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Where do we find the core of life s meaning Right on the job At whatever work we do with head or hand, from kitchen to executive suite, from your house to the White House Work is the great equalizer everyone has to come to it in order to find meaning in living no short cuts, no detours, no bargain rates.

Recent Comments "Work: The Meaning of Your Life - A Christian Perspective"

This is now a favorite book and one I will reread the rest of my life.

Excellent perspective on work. "Work is the gift of self to the service of others which becomes the fabric of civilization. Civilization is the gift of others to the service of ourselves. Wage provides the capacity to buy in on the riches of that civilization. The relationship between work and wage cannot be calculated scientifically, and must be governed by the art of creative stewardship guided by moral rather than economic law."

While this book is written in a different literary style than most "mainstream" reads, I found the central insight incredibly well communicated and valuable. For anyone who wrestles with whether there is meaning to be found in their work, read this book. I read it in less than 3 hours and it was time well spent.

Great wisdom here. The afterward is essential reading.

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Often times random, some good salient points about work, but at times I felt a disconnect with what the authors were presenting. But as part of the corpus on a theology of work, it is a needed read.

I liked the premise of the book, just could not get into the writing style.

I made an attempt to finish this book, but it was just too poorly written, and so I gave myself permission to NOT finish it. Maybe some other time when I'm not so distracted it will make more sense.

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