The Lonely Beast

Chris Judge

The Lonely Beast

The Lonely Beast

  • Title: The Lonely Beast
  • Author: Chris Judge
  • ISBN: 9781849392556
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback

Have you heard of the Beasts No, not many have That s because they are very rare This is the tale of one such Beast, who decides to take a dangerous quest to find others like him Trekking over mountains and swimming across seas, he comes at last to a great city There he finds many delights but sadly no Beasts, so he returns home, where a surprise awaits him.

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I did this book with my year ones for five weeks. That's right FIVE weeks. Before christmas I had never heard of this book before, but I enjoyed doing it, and it lent itself to lots of fun activities.The Beast is all black with no face. Before even looking at the title, we had a look at the picture of the Beast in the city. When you read the book, you know that he is trying to find friends, but taken out of context it looks more sinister. We had a look at the Beast, describing him, trying to fin [...]

First off, the "Beast" should be ripping those people to shreds. What a shitty monster! He obviously embarrassed the entire Beast community, which is why when he was interviewed and gave the call to all other beasts they showed up at his garden instead of in a public setting. He's going to learn very quickly from his fellow Beasts that he was too soft on the humans. He will be initiated into a killing regime and become the monster he was born to be.

Beasts are very rare rare in fact, there is only one in every country. They are very kind, gentle, and quiet. But, one day one of these beasts got very lonely. He decided to find the other beasts. He walked, he swam, he climbed mountains. But, he found civilization instead and a land full of people. After a while, they accepted himbut, lonely he still was. So in reverse, he traveledy to find a giant surprise waiting for him on the other end.

A rare creature sets out on a journey to find others of his kind. Five reasons this books is awesome:1. A very endearing main character (who manages to be expressive even with an almost complete lack of features)2. A long and interesting journey.3. A gentle thread of humor. 4. Really wonderful illustrations. (The underwater scenes are my particular favorites.)5. A happy ending. A great read-aloud choice for 4's and 5's.

I'll use this book for a lesson on theme. I'm a sucker for any book featuring cryptozoological creatures.

While most of the picture books I read are for storytimes and for reading to the students visiting the library, I stopped and picked up this book. It is a bit long for a regular storytime, at least for the age I do storytime for which is baby, toddler and preschool. However, I would recommend this for early elementary quickly as it has a simple storytime and is great for practicing empathy. The illustrations are beautiful and add to the story of a beast who is all alone and looking for friends, [...]

An amazingly funny tale. Definitely one of my favorites so far this year.

This cute story reminds us that we all need somebody to be our friend. Even beasts do not want to be alone in this big old world and loneliness is not a happy emotion to experience. Have you ever felt lonely? In need of someone to hang out with and share yourself and life with? Well this beast felt exactly the same way.This particular kind of beast I am talking about is extremely rare - in fact there is only one in each country of the world and you know what? They are unaware that others exist s [...]

the beast is lonely and want to find other beasts he first send them letters but none of them came so he set to find thembut he finds others to appreciate him but thats not enough i dont get the message that this book send to kids it that u wont be happy except with those who are like you no matter how much u are appreciateds little weird but the illustration were cute

Cute, quirky and fun, Judge explores loneliness and companionship with a heartfelt and relatable narrative. His narration allows for interactive between the reader and, if so inclined, the person they're reading to. Truly a delightful read, I cannot wait to read this to my little niece and my cousins.

For all who have ever felt they just don't belongA feeling shared by many in the international school setting. A black shadowy shape with 2 holes for eyes has never evoked such emotion. Skilfully and humorously written and illustrated.

Really liked this - stylish and funny. My full review is up here thebookbag/reviews/i

Nicely done.Simple and engaging and fun to look at.The end is sweet city.

It's funny that the beast drinks coffee and appears on talk shows, but the story wasn't strong enough. The beast travels away, hangs with humans, travels back and finds all the beasts there. Hmh.

This is a wonderfully illustrated adventure story with a heart, that uses comic book styles to progress the story, and allows for lots of discussion. This has been a classroom favourite.

the panel where the Beast walks "through a garden of pink jellyfish" is pretty phenomenal.

What's the line about traveling around the world only to find what you were looking for in your own back yard? Well, that wouldn't have happened without the publicity but still.

Love the beast's look and the simple travel/ community story. Will be reading this aloud at first chance.

I like the idea and I like the illustrations, but the story was lacking real appeal. I wouldn't use this in a storytime because I think the kids would get too bored.

My four year old has requested this book every day for the past two weeks. Wonderful illustrations and a very sweet story.

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