The Rebel Angels

Robertson Davies

The Rebel Angels

The Rebel Angels

  • Title: The Rebel Angels
  • Author: Robertson Davies
  • ISBN: 9780140118605
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback

The Rebel Angels The Rebel Angels is Canadian author Robertson Davies s most noted novel, after those that form his Deptford Trilogy First published by Macmillan of Canada in Rebel Angels Gemma Doyle, by Libba Bray Rebel Angels has , ratings and , reviews Maddie said AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING A Rebel Angels novel Rebel Angels is the second book in a fantasy trilogy by Libba Bray It is the sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty and continues the story of Gemma Doyle, a girl in THE FALL OF THE REBEL ANGELS Google Arts Culture FOREWORD The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Pieter Bruegel the Elder is one of the masterpieces at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium The Royal M REBEL X ANGELS Official Site WELCOME TO THANK YOU FOR JOINING You should receive an email soon asking you to verify your email. Rebel Angels Book Rebel Angels The Gemma Doyle Trilogy Book Libba Bray Books The Rebel Angels Cornish Trilogy, by Robertson Davies The Rebel Angels has , ratings and reviews Panagiotis said The Fall of the Rebel Angels Pieter Bruegel the Elder Bruegel painted this picture when he was still living in Antwerp and supplying drawings to the engraver Hieronymus Cock Turning his back on the then domin The Rebel Angels novel by Davies Britannica The Rebel Angels The Rebel Angels, novel of ideas by Robertson Davies, published in The novel was the first in a trilogy that included What s Bred in the Who Are the Rebel Angels and Why It Matters Reality Sandwich It is a curious comment on the irrational aspect of human belief that of all the tyrants, mass murderers, and sadists in recorded history, it has been Lucifer, Satan

A goodhearted priest and scholar, a professor with a passion for the darker side of medieval psychology, a defrocked monk, and a rich young businessman who inherits some troublesome paintings are all helplessly beguiled by the same coed Davies weaves together the destinies of this remarkable cast of characters, creating a wise and witty portrait of love, murder, and schoA goodhearted priest and scholar, a professor with a passion for the darker side of medieval psychology, a defrocked monk, and a rich young businessman who inherits some troublesome paintings are all helplessly beguiled by the same coed Davies weaves together the destinies of this remarkable cast of characters, creating a wise and witty portrait of love, murder, and scholarship at a modern university.

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Τι κάνει ένα βιβλίο να υπερέχει ανάμεσα στα καλά, κακά, άνοστα, υποσχόμενα και ό,τι άλλο απαρτίζει τον ετερόκλητο πλήθος βιβλίων στο μυαλό ενός αναγνώστη; Γιατί δεν μπορούμε να διαβάζουμε πιο συχνά τόσο καλά βιβλία; Τελός πάντων, γιατί δεν διάβασα πιο νωρίς στην αναγνωστική [...]

4 - 4.5 starsSome books are comfort reads. They are old friends whose familiarity provides us with a sense of stability and well-being, and they fit like a glove to the intellectual, emotional, and purely personal elements of our psyche. Sometimes this is because we came to them in formative years when their mode and message could be deeply impressed on us, sometimes it is because they simply express aspects of our nature that we ourselves may not be fully aware of, but to which they harmonize c [...]

"Οι Έκπτωτοι άγγελοι είναι οι πραγματικοί άγγελοι Αυτοί που παρόλο που εδιώχθησαν από τον Παράδεισο δεν βαριοθύμησαν ούτε μηχανεύτηκαν τρόπους εκδίκησης και δεν ήταν εγωιστές σαν τον Εωσφόρο. Αυτοί που έμειναν στην γη με τους ανθρώπους, τους βοήθησαν τους δασκάλεψαν, τους [...]

¡Qué bueno es Robertson Davies! Lo descubrí por medio de la Trilogía de Deptford, mención especial para el primer libro perteneciente a la misma, 'El quinto en discordia', y he de decir que es un escritor absolutamente delicioso. Mientras leía 'Ángeles rebeldes', no dejaba de pensar en llamar a todos mis conocidos para leerles algún fragmento memorable, por su humor y por su inteligencia. Y es que este libro, y la obra de Davies en general, se caracteriza por la variedad de temas que tra [...]

Rabelais, Paracelso, luthiers, manuscritos perdidos, académicos eruditos, gitanos, magia, encantamientos, rollos profesor-alumno, sumo intelectual, alquimia, asesinato, suicidio, mentalidad salvaje, fósil cultural, bromas, adivinanzas, chanzas, deyección como acto creativo, escatología, diálogos crepitantes, humor, ironía, novela impublicable, herencia, millonario, amor, amistad, ángeles rebeldes, casamiento Con estos elementos y otros muchos más, el coloso canadiense Robertson Davies (1 [...]

I love reading about the academic life. I have never been in academics yet I've also not been a researcher and I could read endlessly on a person dedicating their life to the study of a specific subject within the walls of a library, their live's enfolded in cluttered stacks of paper and tilted piles of books. If I'm going to get truly confessional here I admit to a desire to read about someone reading even without me knowing what it is they read. Seeing the act of reading for me is enjoyment.Wa [...]

What makes a book--a novel--so good that it is nourishing? That's how Robertson Davies strikes me.This one is the first book of The Cornish Trilogy, which I read before, about 25 years ago. I didn't remember much of this one, just a vague feeling of familiarity like a dream you think you've dreamed before.The story is told by two characters, a beautiful, exotic and brilliant twenty-something graduate student and a forty-five-year-"old" Anglican priest turned professor. All the chapters told by t [...]

Robertson Davies is probably the greatest writer Canada has ever produced. Not that Canadian literature is all that great, but even overshadowing the likes of Atwood and Munro is still a pretty remarkable achievement. He writes about things that should be really boring in a way that's somehow really interesting. Like the drama of Renaissance professors and graduate students. Does that get your heart racing? No? Well what if I told you it's all interspersed with Gypsy mysticism and Rabelaisian al [...]

It’s humbling--I suppose I need it--to be introduced to wonderful writers I ought to have known about years--nay, decades--ago. So I’ve been chastened once again by following a tip, again from that Canadian son-in-law I’ve mentioned before, that I might like a certain author of Canadian renown named Robertson Davies. Why I haven’t run across this prolific storyteller of great intellect and wit before must be a matter of my earwax or some kind of American literary snobbery. The man is a f [...]

The first part of the Cornish Trilogy. Alternating between two narrators – Maria, a half gypsy graduate student in love with her mentor and a Simon, a priest who teaches at the University and falls for her – the book tells a complex story of love, lust, art, pride, scholarship, academic rivalry and criminal actions. John Parlabane, a defrocked gay monk and sort of evil genius, stirs up the brew with his sharp eyes and tongue, yet somehow it tuns out right for the characters whom the reader s [...]

Muy decepcionante. Desde que Davies ganó el premio Llibreter en 2006 que pensaba en hincarle el diente a alguna de sus novelas y esperaba algo. Davies esboza un libro acerca de adultos cultos que se portan como personajes de Deads poets society: son bastante inmaduros, el sexo les resulta azaroso, son torpes y tímidos en el amor, curiosamente ninguno tiene relaciones sentimentales con nadie, pillan rabietas parece mentira que sean creaciones ideadas por un señor de casi 70 años. Parecen ment [...]

What TEDIUM this book was. Interesting premise and characters, but one of the most unsatisfying, contrived and rediculous stories I can remember setting eyes on. Ostensibly about several academics in a large univ the book was only saved by the presence of a colorful gypsy family, who were the only authentic and vaguely stirring elements in an otherwise drab, Canadian yawn of a novel. A few good passages and interesting references, but overall it needed to be edited down to a third its size. Mira [...]

How do you solve a problem like Maria?She is so perfect--a beautiful brainiac. How much I would have given as a student to have her knowledge of languages. However, I remember spending hours trying to conjugate Ancient Greek verbs and remember proper endings of nouns--all these many years later, the only sentence I remember? "The boat is in Byzantium." Not really too useful, for translations or conversations.Davies does try to give Maria some faults--she has a Gypsy family to contend with and ha [...]

I was so disappointed in this novel. For one thing, it struck me as incredibly dated: its attitudes towards women for one thing, and the constant assessment of any progressive sentiment as "fashionable" (and therefore, one assumes, temporary). Simon Darcourt was a good narrator, but I couldn't stand Maria and I found myself wondering how they gypsy passages would read to an actual gypsy.But whatever. The mythological/supernatural/religious moments were interesting. I liked the idea of a pure evi [...]

Good reading for a nerd like me who loves good sentences and endearingly wacky characters.

After raves from Harold Bloom, Salon, and my favorite bookseller this book became my lackluster traveling companion for a journey across the Atlantic. None of the intellectual protagonists sound all that smart, their ideas are far from stimulating, and even the analysis of excrement is somehow boring. Like Possession, this is a writer´s wet dream (nothing wrong with that!). But though The Rebel Angels is much better than Byatt´s book, Davies´ liberated notions at times seem strangely dated an [...]

This is such an wonderfully inventive novel. I read it many years ago, perhaps when I was the age of Maria Theotoky, I may have been a little older. Reading this novel made me feel the way I did when I was young and in university, the way I felt when I met my first husband. The passionate arguments about books and music (granted I was a lot more into pop culture than this bunch of odd characters, and neither as brilliant nor as beautiful as Maria). Anyhow this novel captures the flavour of the I [...]

This book really petered out for me. I loved What's Bred in the Bone, another one of the Cornish trilogy, but this I just grew impatient with. Perhaps I read it over too long a time, although that might also be because it never really engaged me

Это моя вторая и последняя попытка, больше я этого автора читать не буду. Мне было более-менее интересно в процессе и очень скучно в конце.

Subtle wits like to refresh themselves with a whiff of mild indecency.Call mine, then, a subtle wit for I enjoyed this book full of indecencies. I first read The Rebel Angels probably 25 years ago and what impressed me most about it was how Robertson Davies can describe situations totally outside my frame of reference (here, the inner workings of a graduate school and the lofty topics of professorial research) without making me feel ignorant or undereducated -- as Davies' characters speak knowle [...]

I am reading this in a different version - one that has the Cornish trilogy in one volume, but want to record each book as a separate read, so this is not the same as the copy I am reading.The Rebel Angels revolves around the execution of a difficult will. In this case, the estate is of one Francis Cornish, a fantastically rich patron and collector of Canadian art and a noted antiquarian bibliophile. A lost Rabelais manuscript is rumoured to be among his possessions, and his executors include th [...]

Robertson Davies books always just.etely suck me in. I don't even care what the hell he writes about (wrote about? talking about books by dead authors always confuses me), I always have a very difficult time putting his books down once I've picked them up. This one involves a 23-year-old half-Gypsy research assistant and several professors at the College of St. John and Holy Ghost (Spook for short), the complicated will of an art patron and donor, a deadbeat defrocked monk who has arrived back i [...]

Quiero empezar diciendo que amo a Robertson Davies. A excepción de un libro suyo que realmente no me gustó, todo lo demás siempre me parece entrañable, entretenido, divertido, profundo. En fin, tiene algo que también debe ser de su carácter, que lo hace muy cálido para leer. Este libro me encanta porque entra al mundo académico, un mundo por el cual siempre he suspirado, por nunca haber vivido ni de cerca algo por el estilo. La vida me llevó a otras cosas, y una vida académica no estab [...]

at first I was to give five stars for this book. It was an amazing feeling how I could relate to its grotesque depiction of the academia. When i find an interesting book, i usually do everything to promote it among my friends. But this one, I wanted to hide away so that no one would have known how perfectly, intimidatingly touché it felt. How desperately I wanted to recycle those insightful sentences in casual discussion. The reason why I ended up giving only for stars is one of the narrators, [...]

The Rebel Angels is the first in a superlative trilogy about friendship, love, knowledge, obsession and the arts, set in a Canadian university campus. As an eccentric, millionaire art collector dies and the three appointed executors get down to the task of sorting through his massive, uncataloged paintings and manuscripts, another old, disreputable university figure reappears on the scene, penniless and dressed in a dishevelled monk's habit, shamelessly cadging off all and sundry yet convinced o [...]

Sigh.Make this rating a very strong 3/5, nevertheless, about a decade after I read the second part of the Cornish trilogy, finally reading the first part left me disappointed and unsatisfied.Some of it could have something to do with the wildly differing forms of the novelse Angels are pretty much diaries of two people spanning one year, while What's Bred In the Bone is a fictional biography. Some of it - and actually a great deal of it in my case is the fact that Maria's voice was just way off [...]

I feel quite bad about adding this book into my "unfinished" shelf, especially when I'm pretty close to the end already. The book counts with a wide public, has great reviews and I can only praise the author's talent to transmit in a witty way the usually unseen side of the academia. The characters reflect Davies' deep and admirable knowledge of philosophy, literature, history and a number of other subjects, but while I was profoundly enjoying this part, I could not get rid of the feeling that t [...]

Magnífica novela del autor de "El quinto en discordia", dentro del mismo estilo de plantear pequeños misterios casi cotidianos dentro del ámbito de la "Gran Cultura", con eruditos en los más pintorescos o exóticos campos del conocimiento de nuestra civilización. La trama transcurre, como es casi habitual en Robertson Davies, dentro de una destacada universidad canadiense (tan distintas, lamentablemente, a las españolas) y nos descubre campos de saber que no sospechamos que existan, como e [...]

As Francis Cornish, art expert and millionaire philanthropist, looks down from Limbo, nervously awaiting whatever is in store for his soul, his family and colleagues in Toronto oversee the disposal of his art collectionn.

Marvelous book. Intelligent, philosophical, kind, and humorous. Who could ask for anything more.

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