A Stranger in the Family

Patricia McLinn

A Stranger in the Family

A Stranger in the Family

  • Title: A Stranger in the Family
  • Author: Patricia McLinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition

An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.For many years, Bodie Smith hadn t known he had a son So young Pete had grown up on the Weston Ranch with another family, and Bodie was a stranger to him When Bodie came to Montana to learn about Pete, he also discovered his son s adopted sister, Cambria so beautiful and spirited and so distrustful of Bodie.

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Okay, I've just gotta say… that cover is bad. I had seen this book a couple times on , but each time, I just said 'no way' because of the cover. I wasn't familiar with the author, and the book was free, so I assumed the story would be equally as bad as the cover… or worse. I was way off base!I'm not exactly sure why I did get it though, or why—out of so many TBR's—I chose to read it now instead of putting it off. But I am so glad I read this book. It literally blew me away. This novel to [...]

Book One in McLinn's "Bardville, Wyoming Trilogy" and a wonderful debut to what I'm counting on to be a positive reading experience. When a man suddenly finds out he's the father of a sixteen-year old boy, it's a shocker. As a young man of 18, Bodie Smith broke up with his girlfriend, joined the military and left town. The girlfriend didn't bother telling him she was pregnant, nor later advise him that he was a father. She put the baby up for adoption, never mentioned him again, and life went on [...]

This was a hard read for me. Some might like that drama and angst of a father seeking his son "undercover". I tend to dislike any interference between a family who has raised a child as their own only to have to face a biological parent who wants to reunite (regardless of wether or not he knew he fathered a child in the past). Aside from this the book drags on with this hidden premise far too long and thus the love story falters and lacks the emotional satisfied ending. The characters lack feeli [...]

BoringBoringI hate to be critical, but this book dragged. I finally started skipping whole sections--something I rarely do. the premise

My Review:First response: I think I might have just found a new favorite author. Full review soon.Yup! I gave this first book in the trilogy a 5-star rating, and then I read the rest of the three books! I really enjoyed the way the books were written. I looked through my Kindle library and discovered that I have a half a dozen or so more books by this author, so I must like the story lines in the summaries for her books. I guess you'll be seeing more reviews of her books. But for now, I'm going [...]

The plot is really good and the male protagonist is an interesting character, however, I did get bored so only read a few chapters.The problem was that the story (for me) wasn't well paced, it deviates from the plot and the heroine was really annoying.The Heroine is a 30-ish, former Washing DC dwelling, hospitality trained singleton. However, she resembles an angst-y teen and despite her hospitality experience doesn't seem to be able to use any of those skills when dealing with the hero (a house [...]

Boone Smith (also known as Bodie) finds out that he and his high school girlfriend had a son 16 years ago, so he hires a friend to find the boy so he can see for himself whether the boy is happy and well-cared-for. His son, Pete Weston, lives with his adoptive parents and sister on a working ranch in Wyoming that doubles as a bed-and-breakfast in the summer. Boone rents a cabin at the B&B for a month to get to know his son. Pete's older (adoptive) sister, Cambria, was badly hurt by her ex-fi [...]

"A Stranger In The Family" by Patricia McLinn is a not a bad read it just didn't involve my attention enough. The story is about a man, Brodie Dorsey" who discovers he has a son. He has a friend of his do some investigating to find out where he is and who adopted him.With the information he gets from his friend, he travels to Wyoming and stays at the Guest Ranch where his son and his adoptive family live, own and operate. He meets Cambria, the younger sister of Ted, the adoptive father. In all t [...]

The two main characters, Bodie Smith and Cambria Weston, have a on/off romance throughout the book. Bodie comes to the Weston Ranch to meet and acknowledge his son after just finding out about him. Cambria doesn't trust him and her instincts tell her he is hiding something. A true romance and easy read.

This was painfully realistic for me. I usually like my guilty pleasure reading (romance novels) as exactly that, i.e. fantasy. I get enough grief, sorrow and sacrifice in my everyday life that I don't need to add to it. This was a story about redemption and love.

3-1/2 stars. A nice story of a man who finds out he has a son 16 years after his high school sweetheart gave him up for adoption. When he goes to find out if the son is doing okay, he falls in love with his son's adopted sister. Well written and well plotted.

Agree with several reviewers, book was ok but did not grab my attention. Took forever to complete.

I am halfway through and it is getting boring. I would like to read the ending so will continue. Finally, succeeded in finishing it and deleted off Kindle right away.

Enjoyable book. Interesting characters. The storyline allows for some intriguing character development though the premise gets tough to take with some of the interactions between the main characters. McClinn does a good job conveying her characters warmth and emotion.

A sweet surpriseI had this book in my library for a bit and finally read it when at loose ends. This story made me feel. I loved the characters, I appreciated the story and I'm glad I made the time. I will read other books by Patricia.

Well DoneThis is a story about adoption and family. It's insecurities into the complex dynamics of adopters and birth parents is well done.

While this was a good story I just kept feeling like it was missing something. Had a hard time not skipping ahead to see what happened.

Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

This is book one of a series and it promises to b a successful one. Bodie has just learned by accident that he has a teen age son and sets out to have a relationship with him. What he doesn't expect is a relationship with another member of the family who has been hurt before and wants no part of him. It is a good story about a father who have no idea he has a son. It is a believable read.

A Stranger in the Family (Bardville, Wyoming Trilogy book 1) is a novel by Patricia McLinn. This is an interesting novel that deals with adoptions. Once again, Patricia McLinn writes a wonderful book and starts a great trilogy. Cambria Weston was adopted by Tim Weston and his wife. She died and he remarried. He and Irene adopted Pete. They treat each other as one happy family and forget the adopted part. However, Cambria’s biological mother had been in touch with her and wanted to see her. Cam [...]

Boring, this book just drags on.

A Stranger In The Family starts out with Bodie Smith finding out that many years earlier he had fathered a child. This news came to him accidentally when he ran into an old high school acquaintance who let it slip that Bodie's girlfriend at the time had given birth. After Bodie had a friend locate his son, he became friendly with the family without telling them who he was. Now that Bodie was a wealthy business man he planned on taking his son and giving him everything he didn't have as a child. [...]

I don't care what anyone else thinks of this story, I loved it! I thought the hero might have approached his newly found son differently, but who would have known he'd fall in love with his son's also adopted sister. I liked the story between Cambria and Bodie much more than the sub-plot between Bodie and his son. I especially liked that the two finally broke through her barriers and were able to enjoy each other intimately. Too many romances where that part is left out and it leaves the story l [...]

UGH. Bodie is an ass and doesn't know how to people. The way he initially approached Cambria, his dependence on his computer and fax (Seriously?! when was this book written?), and here's the kicker for me: nowhere do I see him even consider "hunh, maybe I should talk to Pete's parents, you know, the people who have raised him and loved him and taken care of him since he was born, before I tell Pete he's my kid and start buying him stuff". He is very adamant that Pete has to know before anyone el [...]

Boone Dorsey Smith just found out he's a father a 16 yr. old son. Boone, being Boone, wants to see his son, Pete, and wants to make up for not being there for him. He does realize he needs to tread lightly. But that is a difficult task for Boone. And then his son has a smoking-hot older sister, Cambria. Boone has always been a take-charge kind of guy and it is taking all his will power to not take over and be the boss. He realizes Pete has had a good life so he cannot swoop in and rescue him, so [...]

A stranger in the family is about Bodie Smith he finds out by accident that he fathered a child many years ago when he run,s into an old high school acquaintance who let,s it slip that Bodie's girlfriend at the time had a baby. Bodie has a friend locate his son and he becomes friendly with the family who adopted his son without telling them who he is. Bodie is a wealthy business man now he plans to take his son and give him everything he never had as a child. But Bodie didn't expect to fall for [...]

I downloaded A Stranger in the Family on a whim and I’m really glad I did. It’s a feel good read, the literary equivalent of a glass of wine and a big box of chocolates. The story starts when Bodie Smith discovers that he fathered a child which was subsequently adopted. He traces the family and, without telling them who he is, tries to connect with the son he has never known. Gradually he becomes a part of the family, growing particularly close to his son’s adopted sister. However, their r [...]

Definetely a bad cover for such a beautifully written book. But like they say "don't judge a book for its cover"A scrambled plot that brings you back to what a real family is. When Bodie states that he is not planning to take Pete away from his family, I loved the comment Irene said: "you couldnt even if you wanted to" Oh how wonderful for a mother to be completely sure that no one can take away her son because of the love shared between them. That is such a perfect statement in itself that made [...]

Boone Smith had found out that he had a 16 year old son, living on a ranch in Wyoming and wanted to charge into his life and take control of the situation, just like he always did. What he didn't bargain for was a strong, closely knit family that didn't need or want him, and his son's adoptive sister Cambria who would challenge his own thoughts and life choices. I found this book difficult to get into, and for me the story didn't really pick up until half way through, hence the 3 stars. Once it [...]

This was an okay read. The thing that bothered me was that Bodie/Boone was prepared to barge into this nice family unit and tell Pete he was his father without even knowing if Pete realised he was adopted. I think that was a really poor moral decision. He hadn't seemed to have tried to find out if the boy knew or not - and why wouldn't you contact the adoptive parents first to get their permission? If he had then I would have enjoyed it a bit more. The romance was okay but still not really appro [...]

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