Trei tigri trişti

Guillermo Cabrera Infante Dan Munteanu Colán

Trei tigri trişti

Trei tigri trişti

  • Title: Trei tigri trişti
  • Author: Guillermo Cabrera Infante Dan Munteanu Colán
  • ISBN: 9789736699221
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback

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Guillermo Cabrera Infante a scris o carte halucinant , vie, unic n spiritul ei, o poveste ca un montagne russe, f r nceput i f r sf r it, un cabaret al limbajului, n care spectacolul deconcerteaz , incit , exaspereaz c ut torul de sens n aceast vizuin a semnelor, cititorul se pr bu e te spre ara Minunilor lui Cabrera Infante, ispitit de bucuria vie ii si de exGuillermo Cabrera Infante a scris o carte halucinant , vie, unic n spiritul ei, o poveste ca un montagne russe, f r nceput i f r sf r it, un cabaret al limbajului, n care spectacolul deconcerteaz , incit , exaspereaz c ut torul de sens n aceast vizuin a semnelor, cititorul se pr bu e te spre ara Minunilor lui Cabrera Infante, ispitit de bucuria vie ii si de exuberan a nop ii, n care timpul i spa iul se contopesc, iar libertatea e jocul adamic de redenumire a lumii Umorul, jocurile de cuvinte, caracterul cinematografic i nostalgia st ruitoare a unui ora care, de fapt, nici nu a existat vreodat , sunt ingredientele principale ale operei lui Guillermo Cabrera Infante Havana din povestirile, romanele si articolele sale, Havana ce r m ne vie n memoria cititorului datoreaz , la fel ca Dublin la Joyce, ca Trieste la Svevo sau ca Buenos Aires la Cort zar, mai mult fanteziei dec t memoriei autorului ei Niciun alt autor de limba spaniola, cu excep ia poate a inventatorului satului Macondo, nu a mai reu it s creeze cu at ta for i culoare o mitologie citadin , a a cum a reu it cubanezul Guillermo Cabrera Infante Mario Vargas Llosa Trei tigri tri ti este cel mai nc nt tor sexy amuzant zgomotos inovator evocator roman pe care oricine, chiar i un englez, i ar dori s l citeasc Este o carte ca o Cuba Libre, ca un Daiquiri sau poate versiunea literar a b uturii c reia Silvestre i spune Mojito acea metafor a Cubei Apa, vegeta ie, zah r negru , rom i r coare artificial Totul amestecat bine i pus ntr un pahar Ajunge pentru sapte milioane de oameni Noroc Salman Rushdie

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Ήταν τρελός, ήταν τρελός , αξιολάτρευτα και συγκλονιστικά τρελός αυτός ο Κουβανός συγγραφέας. Τόσο τρελός που γίνεται αντιφατικά ιδιοφυής σοφός. «Τρεις ταλαίπωροι τίγρεις» ο τίτλος που χρησιμοποίησε για το έργο του, ακόμη κι ο τίτλος εφευρετικός και παρεξηγημένος. Κάπου μ [...]

I was dizzy and short of breath when I finally saw this on the shelves at Twice-Told back in my Boom days. My vertigo may have been induced by the fact that I lived on espresso and spent all food money on books and cds. Those were strange times of death-trap automobiles and working two full-time jobs to remain poor but literate. The friendship displayed in the Three Trapped Tigers was beyond moving. The erudition itself was arresting but the emotional bond within the text captured me. I have fel [...]

Perhaps you could corroborate this for me ; but it seems to me that when your books start to suck, a very reliable avenue to take is one headed south. Cuba is as far as you need go. Three Trapped Tigers (the Spanish is better :: Tres Tristes Tigres) will get you there. Or, if not heading south, is it a matter of that Dalkey spine? Two birds, one binding. Happiland!Two kwetch’s. First, What the hell is going on? is a feeling I rather depend upon for my proper enjoyment of a novel. Without those [...]

“If you look closely, there is no book more visual than Three Trapped Tigers, in that it is filled with blank pages, dark pages, it has stars made of words, the famous magical cube made of numbers, and there is even a page which is a mirror.” – Guillermo Cabrera Infante.If Jorge Luis Borges were to write a novel and if he did belong to the beat generation he would create an opus like this.“I was going to reply when I heard that out of my mouth came a jet of music: violent, unstoppable, r [...]

A punnilinguistic tour de farce—a hip and swinging hepcat’s tour around the Cuban vernacular and a strenuous intellectual workout for fans of exploding forms. Infante’s fragmented opus leans on the Sterne, Joyce, and Rabelais influence to a mirthmaking extent—bursting with puns and wordplays that deliver the same bursts of bliss as CB-R’s Amalgamemnon (esp. in the ‘Brainteaser’ section). The musical freewheeling ramble of the Beats can be found in the ‘I Heard Her Sing’ section [...]

Šta reći o romanu za koji je u predgovoru napisano uputstvo za čitanje? I da, za razliku od većine predgovora, ovaj valja pročitati PRE prvog čitanja. Opisivati radnju u prikazu znači omašiti poentu. Ako je uopšte moguće jasno odrediti o čemu se zapravo radi.Nije laka knjiga, ali samo je manji deo nerazumljiv za samo čitanje. Veći deo je lako čitati, što ne znači da ćete razumeti šta ze zaboga dešava. Ima delova u kojima sam hteo da pojedem i nokte i prste i celu knjigu. Zbog [...]

uão dǝɹɔǝqı uɐpɐ

Bespotrebno je, besmisleno i beskonačno glupo pokušati prepričavati ovu knjigu, pa i analizirati je i pisati o njoj. Kuba pre revolucije. Jezičke bravure. Igrokazi. Razbacana poglavlja. Desetine naratora. Odsustvo vidljivog smisla. Preseravanje. Parodija. Film. Fusnote. Zagonetke. Kakofonija glasova. Punokrvan i veličanstven antiroman. Zavrteće vam misli brže od spinera i mrzećete ga u svoj svojoj ljubavi. Kupiti, staviti na čelo police i čitati hiljadama puta bez želje da se išta sh [...]

This starts strongly. Somewhere before its halfway mark I kept muttering brilliant brilliant brilliant, chuckling every now and then. But the author, with diverse characters in pre-Castro Havana, seemingly ran out of ideas. This, I suppose, can happen when a one writes fiction not really to tell a story, but only to play. Play with words. And indeed G. Cabrera Infante did a lot of things to words here. Almost every imaginable things one can possibly do to words. And names even: of authors (Aldus [...]

So reading this was almost a little experiment in how one's mental state affects one's experience of reading a novel. I am currently in the midst of the joyful fun and games which are withdrawal symptoms from trying to come off the antidepressants I have been on for many many years. What I can't tell is whether this book did not really work for me (i found it seemed to be trying to show off, often in a rather spiteful way (those piss takes of other authors felt a little off somehow, a little unp [...]

"When I had finished listening to Silvestre, without saying anything, before hanging up, hanging up the suddenly black terrorphone, in morning that mourning, I said to myself, Fuck and shit, the whole world dies! Meaning the happy and the sad, geniuses and morons, the open and the inhibited and the cheerful and the gloomy and the ugly and the beautiful and damned and the bearded and the shaven and those with five o'clock shadows and the tall and the short and the vicious and the innocent and the [...]

he himself was the master/designer of literary obstacles and he proposed then a literature in which the words would mean exactly what the whim of the author decided. (276)betrayal is the name of the game in TTT: betrayal of life through language and literature. The ultimate betrayal is in translation, of literature and of language, of life. So why not betray the reader’s expectations as well?—The Paris Review InterviewJust so we are clear, this book is not about any circus/zoo/exotic animals [...]

A sve što čovek može o ovome da kaže verovatno nema smisla, što je Kabrera Infante onako baš lepo uredio. Ovde je glavni junak stilska figura, zapravo, i GKI gradi alternativan jezik nastao spajanjem različitih morfema, jezika, sintagmi, rekonstrukcijom rečenica, intertekstualnošću (700 fusnota!!!) i pravi baš jedan fin paprikaš od reči, ili bi on rekao rečni paprikaš, verovatno. Ovo je stanje svesti kao kad pročita čovek 800 strana u toku dana, sve mu se reči izbrkaju u glavi, [...]

“Küba’yı görmek onu dinlemekten çok ama çok daha iyi, daha iyi çünkü Küba’yı gören ona aşık olur, oysa onu dinleyen bir daha asla onu sevemez çünkü sesi çürüktür.“Guillermo Cabrera Infante Türkiye’de hak ettiğini bulamamış yazarlardan biri. Kapanda Üç Kaplan biri Ayrıntı yayınları diğeri de Can yayınları olmak üzere iki baskı yapmış, iki baskıyı da tüketememiş. Seneler önce Türkiye’de hak ettiğini bulamamış diğer bir Latin Amerikalı Jor [...]

Technically I've just committed an act of fraud by pressing the "I'm finished" button in order to write this review. I didn't actually finish this book. Didn't even come remotely close. Really I shouldn't be awarding a rating to this either. Essentially I'm awarding a rating to Guillermo Cabrera Infantes book which is entirely based on my own personal inability to engage with and absorb the writing therein. But what the hell. I did try with this one but I really couldn't get on board with the wr [...]

“…c’era la parola sbagliata e la parola innocente e la parola colpevole e la parola-assassina e la parola-poliziotto e la parola-salvatrice e la parola fine”.Leggere questo libro è un'esperienza straniante. Meriterebbe un commento decente, ma dovrete accontentarvi di questo.Cabrera Infante ambienta il romanzo nell’Avana di Batista, poco prima della rivoluzione di Castro; la trama è esile, solo un pretesto per farci conoscere una sequela di strani personaggi e insieme a loro speriment [...]

Un juego. Un Juego. De palabras, en la estructura, de sonidos, con los personajes, con las palabras, con el Tiempo, con los números, con los tiempos, con la historia, en la narrativa, con la Historia. En todo. Con todo juega. ¡Prólogo, epílogo y todo lo que hay en medio de esos dos puntos! Desde la nota advertiva y pre-prologuera, ya está jugando, nos está plantando las reglas del juego. Y como buen juego, uno se divierte durante el trayecto. De esos libros que obligan revisar capítulos a [...]

(Lightning Review)The literary equivalent of the first 100-or-so releases on Impulse. Don't worry about GGM, Cortazar, Infante. Think Coltrane, Mingus, and, especially, Acid by Ray Barreto, and The Latin Jazz Quartet with Eric Dolphy. Lightning review rating: an evening of fun in the metropolis of your dream (thanks, Wire).

Really mixed feelings about this one. Insanely dense "word play" But like a pit bull puppy that grew up too fast, the play has become an unstoppable torrent of aggression that kind of left me feeling battered. Perhaps some people I know would be more receptive to this kind of unbridled creativity, but I like my creativity with a bridle on it. This book is about Havana, 24/7 and 100 mph. Day-Glo drunken hyper-realism bleeds into a mutant hybrid of meda-absurdity and formal logic. This book is lik [...]

For my money, as underappreciated a novel as I have ever read. Imagine Joyce in Havana in the 1950's, hanging out with the two-bit glamor girls and the big-band underbelly of Cuban society, living an American Graffitiesque life with his two best friends, all of them chasing women and drink and privacy and kicks, and kicks, and kicks, and kicks.When people say a book is laugh-out-loud funny, they generally don't mean it, but lovers of wordplay and who have even a vague understanding of mid-20th C [...]

"It has been customary to read 700-page novels," writes James Woods in his famous essay on the the modern novel, "Hysterical Realism," "to spend hours within a fictional world without experiencing anything really affecting or beautiful." Woods had in mind writers like DeLillo, David Foster Wallace, Rushdie, and (especially) Zadie Smith, but he might have put Guillermo Cabrera-Infante at the top of the list. I would.Of course, that's a little unfair of me, because I didn't read all of this book. [...]

Tedious, drab, lifeless, insipid, vapid, tiresome, morose,exhausting, laborious, arduous, lacklustre, humourless and just plain boring.The first line may give you a rough idea as to how much I enjoyed this book but let me tell you that I feel rather guilty about listing this book and review on this site because for me it was anything but a "goodread". In fact if I could have given it a minus score I probably would have, it gets 1 simply because it is finally over and done with.The story such as [...]

Прекрасна и носталгична - за мен, докато четях, а със сигурност и за автора, докато е пишел тези истории, всяка от които - ако Куба не се е променила много, (а доколкото узнавам от приятели кубинци, не е ) - би могла да се случи и в този момент. Помете ме усещането, че че току виж съ [...]

Аз такива гъби не мога да ям.

the chapter on bustrofedon sends me into linguistic ecstasies. I can only imagine how amazing it must be in its original spanish.

Although I was reading several other books at time, I felt I had to devote most of my attention to this novel, since I had requested my library to purchase it. I don't remember how it came to my attention, but I suspect it was because of a music reference.I read about the first 200 pages, then skimmed through the middle sections and ended with the final 100 pages (there are 487 pages in the 2004 Dalkey edition.)This book is for people who love words and wordplay, and don't mind cliches (which ar [...]

this little known cuban author has written a crazy, graphically engaging, rich novel set in - well, Cuba - in the fifties. the cabana! the cigars! the women! the drinking, the ecstasy but also, the darkness beyond ringside, the muttering in the wings. gunshots in the night. i've loaned this book to a few friends & they've all been totally astonished that they'd never even heard ofGuillermo Cabrera Infante before. for more information on him: . he has been compared toJames Joyce as well asJo [...]

Sí, un ejercicio interesante de uso del lenguaje y la polifonía, sin embargo, me pareció ya rebasado por la época, es decir, como si hubiese perdido cierto valor leerlo actualmente que hace todavía veinte o más años. En su momento sí debió haber representado toda una aportación. Por otro lado, aunque reconozco en el libro un buen grado de experimentación, a veces me desesperaba que no ocurriera "nada", me quedé en suspenso las más de 400 páginas.

clever, wordy and occasionally hilarious - but a Whole Lot of verbal and intellectual masturbation - overall not worth the (great amount of) time.

Uspela stilska vežba, autor sigurno inteligentan i sve što hoćete, ali meni ovo nije bilo zabavno. Nije mi smetala neobična struktura ni razbarušenost ni salata od reči, nego što sve te nabacane reči ostaju same sebi dovoljne, a ja volim kad se tu krije i neka priča, po mogućstvu neka koja može da mi nešto znači ili makar da me malo zainteresuje.

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