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  • Title: Grains
  • Author: Nancy Dickmann
  • ISBN: 9781432939878
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback

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This book gives a first introduction to grains and starchy foods Simple comparisons are used to explore this group, and suggestions for healthy eating are offered.

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Great beginner's reading book to go along with an interesting lesson about grains and eating healthy. Has a page where the reader has to identify the grains after reading about them, and a great addition to a lesson about the food groups. I also listed the foods I buy that we eat that have whole grains in them. My 5 yr old and I enjoyed it, in fact he actually picked this one out.

Great education book for nursery (N) aged children. Colorful photos and the use of great clear and easy language teach our young readers the importance of a healthy diet. Young readers will have their attention on this one! Non-fiction.

In this book, learn about the different types of grains, how they are grown and their nutritional benefits.

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