I turbamenti del giovane Törless

Robert Musil Anita Rho

I turbamenti del giovane Törless

I turbamenti del giovane Törless

  • Title: I turbamenti del giovane Törless
  • Author: Robert Musil Anita Rho
  • ISBN: 9788481305456
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover

Il primo romanzo di Robert Musil, pubblicato nel 1906, ci immerge senza preavviso in un terribile universo concentrazionario, nascosto dietro la facciata apparentemente rassicurante di un collegio militare che educa i rampolli della buona e solida borghesia austriaca Gli schemi del romanzo di formazione, pur presenti, vengono stravolti dalla minuziosa registrazione dei riIl primo romanzo di Robert Musil, pubblicato nel 1906, ci immerge senza preavviso in un terribile universo concentrazionario, nascosto dietro la facciata apparentemente rassicurante di un collegio militare che educa i rampolli della buona e solida borghesia austriaca Gli schemi del romanzo di formazione, pur presenti, vengono stravolti dalla minuziosa registrazione dei rituali sadici che scandiscono la convivenza fra studenti, dei meccanismi di sopraffazione e del disprezzo per la libert dell individuo, che automaticamente dividono il mondo adolescenziale in carnefici e vittime, legati tra loro da morbose e torbide passioni Il protagonista si muove in questo mondo cercando di seguire le fila di una sua personale avventura intellettuale, e dividendosi fra complicit e ripulsa, fra volont di capire e rigetto morale Ma soprattutto egli turbato da un desiderio sessuale che avverte come degradato e tenebroso, e quindi irrimediabilmente colpevole ne sia oggetto una prostituta alquanto ributtante, o un efebico compagno fin troppo acquiescente al suo ruolo di vittima predestinata, esso si configura come un tormento perennemente insoddisfatto, divenendo quasi l emblema di un difetto d essere che invano le armi della ragione si sforzano di sanare Largamente autobiografico, il romanzo si impose immediatamente all attenzione della cultura europea per la sua disturbante carica di novit e di verit , oltre che per il magistero di una scrittura gi perfettamente risolta e compiuta, nonostante la giovane et dell autore.

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the place is an exclusive all-boys boarding school in Austria. the time is the turn of the 19th century. three boys: Törless, Beineberg, and Reiting. Reiting is an amiable, energetic sort; his aggressive nature is balanced by his charm and ease in the world. Beineberg is an anti-intellectual intellectual; much like his father, he yearns to be a mystic. in Törless, still waters run deep and much of the material world holds little interest for him; contemplation and melancholy are his hallmarks. [...]

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Ο Musil βρίσκεται στο επίπεδο των Mann, Hesse, στους τρεις κορυφαίους της γερμανικής λογοτεχνίας.Το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο είναι συγκλονιστικό !!!

--That moment when you realize that having your head in the clouds is not always a good thing. In short, the "confusions" of Young Torless are the confusions of all who wonder how the seemingly rational person can become embroiled in the heinous. But also-- "And suddenly--and it seemed to him as if it had happened for the very first time--Torless became aware of how incredibly high the sky was. It was almost a shock. Straight above him, shining between the clouds, was a small, blue hole, fathoml [...]

Bu nasıl bir psikolojik tahlil, ifade yeteneği, belagat? Şaştım kaldım Musil'e ^^ Mihail Bahtin dostum ağzımı doldura doldura diyorum ki halt etmişsin, üzgünüm :)

The Confusions of Young Torless is an incredible book, reminiscent at times of Rilke in its ability to wrestle with complex spiritual and psychological themes. Reading this book was like constantly trying to grasp something slightly abstract, slightly out of reach, though very human and real and rooted in language. This is an ambitious (though short) book, an extremely thoughtful and difficult read.Maybe it is fitting that the book is so hard to describe, since one of its main themes is the inef [...]

Törless is confused. Indeed, the title of this book, in some editions (not mine), isThe Confusions of Young Törless. Skimming the plot surface of this book, Törless is a student in an Austrian military school. Two student-friends of Törless find out that yet another student, Basini, has been stealing small amounts of money. They proceed to sadistically, homosexually torture him. Törless finds himself aroused, and, thus, confused.Törless finds himself in a frequent sudden lassitude with a [...]

The Confusions of Young Robert MusilSemi-autobiographically little Robert slowly develops into an adolescent. Sensitive and insecure in the company of equally insecure boys without qualities, except being of respectable aristocratic families. Coming-of-age in a boarding school environment where everyone is eager to prove his manhood (!) either by showing traces of intellect, by being the master bully or bragging of imaginary amorous adventures. The long and winding road leading to climax is very [...]

Πρόκειται για το πρώτο -και καλύτερο- βιβλίο του Musil που γράφτηκε πριν τον Α' Παγκόσμιο πόλεμο. Ο συγγραφέας έπιασε τον παλμό της εποχής του, παρατηρώντας πράγματα και γεγονότα, και έγραψε ένα βιβλίο σχεδόν προφητικό, μιας και περιέγραψε με διορατικό τρόπο την άνοδο του ναζι [...]

(4,5*)Μοναδική γραφή, ατμοσφαιρική αποτύπωση της εποχής, βαθύ ψυχογράφημα των ηρώων, λεπτομερές σκοτεινό σκιαγράφημα σκηνικού, μαεστρική εναλλαγή σκηνών και συναισθημάτων, αλλόκοτες σκέψεις σε καθαρά πλαίσια, προβληματισμοί και εντάσεις. Ένα βιβλίο που δεν του λείπει τίποτ [...]

The New York Times Book Review was supposed to have said that this novel, published in 1906, was a chilling foreshadowing of the coming of Nazism. That, I feel, was a bit of a stretch.Four young men in an all-boys military school in Austria, maybe sometime the start of 20th century. Torless, with his heavy philosophical musings, and around whom the story is built; Basini, weak and victimized; Beineberg, the mad (silly, to me) mystic; and Reiting, the manipulator who revels on torture. At the sid [...]

Uma história centrada nas relações entre três rapazes, estudantes num internato masculino na Áustria, no início do século XX. Questões como a transição da adolescência para a idade adulta, as experiências homossexuais, as relações e jogos de poder em grupos de jovens, a crueldade juvenil, o bullying físico e psicológico, são abordadas neste livro que, contudo, tem o seu maior foco nas dúvidas psicológicas e filosóficas relacionadas com a existência da alma por parte do jovem [...]

Çok derin tahliller, psikolojik kavramlar, olgular ve hatta duygu ve düşünce savaşlarıyla donatılmış bir kitap. Açıkçası bazı kısımları bir kaç kez okudum. Musil bu kitabı yazdıktan sonra Törless'in kendisi olmadığına ilişkin bir açıklamada bulunmuş. Bunu neden yaptığını bitirince anladım. Ruhundaki her devinimi açıkça anlatmış. Bütün bunları bir "şey"e bağlamaya çalışmış ve zannediyorum bu onu yaşamı boyunca çok yormuştur. Psikoloji denince il [...]

More satisfying than the 1960's film version. It goes beyond being just a prophetic look at the fascist undercurrents already in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century to a more radical look at the way that rationality can lead to a fascination with barbarity.

Bold, strange and innovative, The Confusions of Young Torless (I'm not sure how to type the accent over the "o" in "Torless, sorry) is an often bizarre yet interesting German classic.

For these borrowed feelings and associations that come from outside carry young people over the dangerous, soft emotional ground of those years during which one has to mean something to oneself and is yet still too much of an unfinished article really to be anything. Whether something of this remains with one person later on but not with another is immaterial; we all come to terms with what we are, the danger is only present in the period of transition. If one were to make a young person see how [...]

I found this book exceedingly difficult - torturously so - and repellent. I recognize that it is a significant work, of course, but the mind in diagnosis here is unrelievedly ill.

“At that moment he didn’t like mankind, the grown-ups, the adults. He never liked them when it was dark. At such times it was his habit to think mankind away. Then the world would seem like a dark, empty house, and he felt a shudder inside himself, as if now he had to search through room after room—dark rooms where you didn’t know what was hidden in the corners—feeling his way across the thresholds where no foot would tread any more apart from his, until in one room the doors in front [...]

3.5 rounded up? Close third-person portrait of the artist as an adolescent exposed to proto-Nazi homoerotic brutality at an all-boys boarding school. Opaque philosophizing characteristic of a sensitive intelligent teen makes this way longer than 217 pages. Note that these are, per the title, '"Confusions," not "Confessions" (my copy was only called "Young Torless"). Observations about artistic/intuitive emotional responses beyond rationality (ie, Kant, mathematics) occasionally clearly rang insi [...]

Robert Musil is one of my favorite authors and his story of Young Torless, published in 1906, is one reason. The novel reflects an obsession in this period with educational institutions and the oppressive impact they exert on personal development. While it is in the tradition of the German Bildungsroman, the novel of education, it is critical of educational system and the institutionalized coercion portrayed in the novel. In my reading experience I compared it with the experience of Philip Carey [...]

A dark, dense, compelling read. It's simultaneously about the intrigues and backstabbing that goes on at an elite German military academy (think a much smarter all-male version of Cruel Intentions) mixed with a dense and complex look at a young boy trying to make sense of the world, his emotions, sexuality, philosophy, and pretty much everything else in life. The author tries to communicate the title character's inner state, including all the feelings that he does not have words to describe. Tha [...]

"It was a thought that did little more than register the experience that it had just had. Anything that looks vast and mysterious from a distance always seems simple when viewed from close up, and takes on normal, everyday proportions. It is as if there is an invisible boundary around human beings. Everything that approaches us from beyond this borderline is like a mist-covered ocean full of gigantic, constantly changing shapes; anything that crosses this border, becomes an action, touches our l [...]

Öğrenci Törless'in Bunalımları, Robert Musil" parlak bir geleceğe aday olan gençler, çoğunlukla aşağılanmalardan yana zengin bir geçmişi olanlar arasından çıkar." __________________________________________________1906 yılında yayımlanan Öğrenci Törless'in Bunalımları, modernizmin öncülerinden Avusturyalı yazar Robert Musil'in ilk romanı. Burjuva sınıfının sallantıda olduğu, 1. Dünya Savaşı'nın ayak seslerinin duyulduğu ve modernizmin göz kırpmalarının [...]

"But what is felt to be character or soul, a person’s inner contour or aura, [] this ultimate, immovable background seemed to be utterly lost to Törless at this period."The Confusions of Young Törless is a book that defies any definition, starting from its status as a moment of transition between two eras, two ideologies, two ways of making literature that are as distant from each other as one can conceive. It's a book that appeals, and a book that repels. It is also a novel of formation, to [...]

(I think I actually preferred this to the Man without Qualities. Teenager discovering sex, Kant, and imaginary numbers. Let's not pretend we ever really get past the mess of puberty. I hope to re-read it in the medium term.)

Tiene algún momento intenso bastante interesante; por lo demás, vana palabrería.

Ο Κούντερα γράφει στην «Τέχνη του Μυθιστορήματος» ότι ο Μούζιλ (όπως και ο Μπροχ) εισήγαγε στο μυθιστόρημα μια ευφυΐα λαμπερή και κυρίαρχη. Οι «Αναστατώσεις του Οικότροφου Ταίρλες», αν και το πρώτο του συγγραφέα, δικαιολογεί απολύτως την παραπάνω σκέψη.Τι είναι όμως αυτό τ [...]

La storia di Törless ci riporta agli anni dell’adolescenza, quando in noi si fanno spazio sensazioni sconosciute ed emozioni contrastanti. Trovo che questo non sia un libro per tutti, ma solo per chi ha intenzione di fare uno sforzo, di scoprire insieme a Törless cosa si nasconde in angoli polverosi, alla base delle azioni degli altri e delle proprie, e soprattutto dietro alle “cose”. Queste “cose”, “cose qualsiasi” sono al centro dei pensieri del protagonista, tanto che a tratti [...]

Describe la cavilaciones de un joven estudiante de instituto ante los atropellos y excesos de poder ("matoneo") de los líderes del grupo frente al débil, quien es homosexual. La crítica ve en la obra la descripción de una época de nacimiento y apogeo de las dictaduras. Algunas de las cosas que dice el libro: Sorda melancolía que descargaba su peso sobre el paisaje. Esa soledad guardaba para él el señuelo de la mujer y algo monstruoso. El despertar de la primera pasión de un joven no es [...]

Description: At a boarding school in the pre-war Austro-Hungarian Empire, a pair of students torture one of their fellow classmates, Basini, who has been caught stealing money from one of the two. The two decide that rather than turn Basini in to the school authorities, they will punish him themselves and proceed to torture, degrade, and humiliate the boy, with ever-increasing sadistic delight. As each day passes, the two boys are able to justify harsher treatment than previously given. Torless [...]

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