Kindergarten Rocks!

Katie Davis

Kindergarten Rocks!

Kindergarten Rocks!

  • Title: Kindergarten Rocks!
  • Author: Katie Davis
  • ISBN: 9780152049324
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover

Dexter is ready for kindergarten Sort of Well, actually, he s maybe kind of a little bit scared, perhaps even terrified, one might say Because what if he gets lost Or, what if the teacher is mean Or, he misses his mom or dad Or, worst of all, he loses his most important ally, Rufus With the same warmth, exuberance, and sly wit that have made her a favorite of bookselDexter is ready for kindergarten Sort of Well, actually, he s maybe kind of a little bit scared, perhaps even terrified, one might say Because what if he gets lost Or, what if the teacher is mean Or, he misses his mom or dad Or, worst of all, he loses his most important ally, Rufus With the same warmth, exuberance, and sly wit that have made her a favorite of booksellers and children, Katie Davis tackles a problem every kid and parent has to face sooner or later first day fears And she shows that it s okay to be scared, but that, as Dexter s older sister Jessie says, Kindergarten rocks

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Somewhere around a level 1 reading level book that my 5 yr old loves. He's going to charter school (public school online) but he's in class at church and can relate to the mentality. He knows he'd be bored if he'd go to a regular school and even told me he doesn't want to go, yet still loves to read this book. A great addition to our collection.

Good read-aloud for children approaching the uncertainty of kindergarten.

Books of this type can be useful to mentally prepare young kids for school, and even when your child is already of age she may enjoy the reassurance she gets from a book that mirrors her experience. The pictures in this book are somewhat engaging, they're done in crayons which is sort of a clever choice for a book about kindergarten, right? And many of the drawings are kind of childlike, such as the houses, which is fun. But after the first observations I started finding the book only moderately [...]

Text-to-Text Self Connection: How does the story connect to your personal experience or background.Kindergarten Rocks! is a book I received as early childhood educator for one incoming school year. It talks about a young boy starting school on his first day. He had a sister that told him what to expect, however it is nothing like having your own experience. Plus he had a security stuff animal that he was attached too. I have had many experiences over the past 20 years of children entering my sch [...]

Kindergarten Rocks is a preparatory book for children entering kindergarten. Dexter Dugan is pretty nervous about going to kindergarten. His big sister helps him through the process, and he comes out confident about his new experience.The strongest aspect of this book is the author's voice. The book contains plenty of dialogue, and the voice stays strong. The tone of the book stays consistently conversational, and doesn't stray into other areas.I would recommend that young writers develop and st [...]

Kindergarten ROCKS! by Katie Davis addresses the fear of many children setting off on that first day of school – the anxiety, the worry, the imagined worst-case-scenarios. Dexter has them all.Dexter is a little boy soon to start kindergarten. Dexter knows all about kindergarten because his older sister Jessica, who is going into grade 3, told him about it. Even so, he’s nervous about it, or rather his toy blue dog Rufus is worried about it. Jessica encourages her brother not to worry because [...]

Kindergarten Rocks is basically as it sounds! A book about the adventures of Kindergarten and what happens. Young Kindergartener asks his older sister how Kindergarten is since he is so scared. By the end of the book, the young boy loves Kindergarten!1. Maps2. Emotions3. Kindergarten Entry Book

Kindergarten ready? Yes or no this is a good picture book to smooth the jitters and to help let kids know what's in store for them at BIG school.

This was a little hard as a read-aloud because of the speech bubbles. I did a lot of "Then his sister said". It would be a great book if you were doing a lesson on speech bubbles.

This book is about Dexter, and how he's scared to go to Kindergarten because it's completely foreign to him. It goes on to talk about his different feelings, and then after he goes everything is okay and he loves kindergarten! This is to try to help students who are nervous to get over their nerves when starting school! I liked this, and will probably use it with my children to assure that they arent afraid to go to school when they first start.

This is a wonderful book featuring Dexter, a soon-to-be kindergartener, who really, really, is not scared to go. Really. Honestly. It's just that, well, his stuffed dog, Rufus, is scared. This book takes the reader through the process of Dexter's (I mean Rufus's!) anxiety and how it is resolved. Pre-K children will see themselves in Dexter's eyes, lessening their anxiety while acknowledging that is okay to be afraid. Hopefully it will do the same for a parent's anxiety as well! The illustrations [...]

This is an excellent book to read to your child as they get ready to start Kindergarten. This book is about a little boy named Dexter who, like most young children of that age, is nervous about starting Kindergarten. Throughout the book he verbalizes his fears, with his sister assuring him that there is no need to worry. I think this is a good book because young children will see not only does Dexter have the same fears they do, but that there really is no need to worry because there are teacher [...]

Genre: Picture BookAudience: K-2ndTopic: Going to Kindergarten Theme: Overcoming fearsCurricular Uses: Read Aloud, Independent Reading, Shared Reading Reading Level: Early ReadersLiterary Elements: Repetition, some rhymeIllustrations: Very creative illustrations that reinforce the text. The use of speech bubbles in the illustrations adds energy to the pictures. Sometimes there are small illustrations on the page with text beside it that helps the reader figure out the text. Additional Comments: [...]

Kindergarten Rocks is a very good book to read to children during the first week of school. It is about a little boy, Dexter, that is not scared to go to school but his stuffed dog, Rufus, is though. Dexter's fear of going to school is brought out through his dog. I feel that the book's illustration is very attractive to young children because it is very brightly colored and easy for the children to understand. My favorite part is where Dexter shows that he is the one afraid because of the quest [...]

Ugh.A book that will induce fear in kids who aren't afraid of going to school, and may soothe fears of those kids that have formed fear thanks in part to books like these I'm sure, and TV that gives kids the idea that fear is the emotion that is associated with doing something new.If we would stop introducing kids to reasons to fear things, then we wouldn't need these types of books.Here's how it works:Watch the movie Monsters with your kids. Even though that child had never thought about there [...]

Davis, Katie. Kindergarten Rocks!. California and New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2008. Print. Fiction. "Kindergarten Rocks" is about a boy who is getting ready for his first day of kindergarten. He says he is not nervous but always talks about how his stuffed animal is nervous. He asks different questions to his older sister and has a difficult time trusting what she tells him. The illustrations look like a child colored them with crayons. These illustrations may make the reader feel like [...]

I think kids who are anticipating their first day of kindergarten should have a book to read which gives them a realistic idea of what to expect in Kindergarten, but I wouldn't recommend this book.I liked that the title is positive and I liked that an older sister offers reassurance prior to the first day. I even thought it was clever that a book about kindergarten had crayon illustrations. But a rookie student might glean some inaccurate information from this book. Toys from home are rarely wel [...]

Meet almost-kindergarten, Dexter, as he talks his way to being ready to begin his adventure in elementary school. His third grade sister, Jess, is there to remind him that he'll be fine, as he laments that his stuffed dog, Rufus might be scared or might get lost. Dexter begins his first day of kindergarten with Rufus and begins to realize that kindergarten is a pretty cool place to be - as he describes all of the day's events and highlights, that is, until Rufus is lost. Jess helps Dexter to bac [...]

This book is made for either a pre k child at the end of the year or a new kindergartener. Its a great book to introudce them to what school is going to be like. In the story Dexter has an older sister named Jessie who is about to be in the third grade. He thinks he knows everything about it because of his mature big sister. It takes him threw the first day of school and all of things he is nervous about. I liked this book because children in the same situation can relate to it.Extension: Have a [...]

In this book, Dexter is headed to kindergarten. He enlists the help of his sister, Jessie, to answer some of his questions and ease his anxieties about going to kindergarten. Jessie answers his questions and assures him that "Kindergarten Rocks!"Once Dexter gets to kindergarten, his experiences are fraught with new and exciting times that are a little unnerving. However, at every turn there are positive people and places that again remind him that kindergarten is fun!I like that this book doesn' [...]

This book was given to me a few years ago when my daughter was in the final few weeks of Pre-K. It is a great introduction to Kindergarten. I just love the positivity and messages in the title alone. In preparing both of my children mentally for Kindergarten, the whole summer prior to school was filled with "Kindergarten Rocks!!" chants. I would use this book at the start of the school year for a Kindergarten classroom or ending days of Pre-k. It tells a story that children can relate to and can [...]

This would be a great book to read to kindergarteners during the first week of school. Dexter is about to enter kindergarten. Jessie is his older sister and soon-to-be third grader. Dexter thinks he is an expert at kindergarten because Jessie has told him all about it. Dexter expresses his fears by pretending his stuffed dog, Rufus, is scared about going to kindergarten. Dexter goes to kindergarten and takes Rufus with him. He participates in several activities but at the end of the day Rufus is [...]

Kindergarten Rocks!, that is exactly what I want students to think. This book is a great book to read to the students on the first weeks of school, to encourage students and let them know that they have nothing to be scared of. This book is about a little boy named Dexter that has many fears about going to Kindergarten, but he doesn't say he is the one that is scared, it is his stuffed animal that is scared according to Dexter. This is a good book that contains a lot of easy verbs students need [...]

Dexter isn't scared about starting kindergarten, but his stuffed dog Rufus is a little nervous. So Dexter's older sister Jessie helps reassure Dexter and Rufus that kindergarten will be fine. "Rufus is scared I'll get lost on the way to school," says Dexter. "The bus driver knows the way. Don't worry, kindergarten rocks," reassures Jessie. Dexter finds out that kindergarten is lots of fun, and he getsto write letters, cook food, and play in the school's imagination station. The cartoon like draw [...]

Kindergarten Rocks is a great read for the first day of school. This book explains what Kindergarten is all about and what can be experienced throughout the very first days of school. Dexter is nervous about Kindergarten and what may come from it in his first day. This book is relatable to students and they can learn how to stay calm throughout the first days and how they can be brave. This book depicts a relatable character because many students are afraid within the first days of school. It ca [...]

Genre: Picture BookReading Level: EarlyTopics & Themes: Overcoming fears/anxieties about starting kindergarten. Older, more experienced sibling giving advice.Curricular Use: Guided reading or independent.Literary Elements: 1st person narrator child's experience. Humor. Using Dexter's stuffed dog, Rufus, to convey his emotions and express his fears: Dexter is definitely not scared of the first day of school, but Rufus is. Repetition.Text & Pictures: Interaction of text and pictures. Dialo [...]

This book was a bit too old for Jenna at 3. The little boy in the book has many fears about going to school for the first time. When he brings his fears up to his family, he does so by saying that his toy dog (?) Rufus is scared of this or that. Jenna didn't get that part - the fact that it was really the boy who was afraid, not Rufus. This was a good story, though, and I would definitely like to read it again when Jenna gets to that First Day of Kindergarten age.

Davis, K. (2005). Kindergarten Rocks!. Orlando, FL: Harcourt Books.Subgroup: Brother-Sister RelationshipsGenre: FictionTopics: Brother-Sister Relationships, KindergartenSynopsis: A boy learns from his sister what kindergarten will be like, but the first day turns out to be much more than he expects. When he gets there everything goes great until he loses his stuffed dog, Rufus. All ends well once he finds Rufus. He goes home to finally agree with his sister saying "Kindergarten Rocks!".

This is a great book to read during a transitional period to kindergarten. This book provides a great perspective of why kindergarten is such a wonderful grade, and highlights not only the fun activities but the great accomplishments students will achieve once they are in kindergarten. This book also allows children to reflect on their experience on the first day of kindergarten, and how they can help their friends who are transiting students.

Dexter Dugan is about to start kindergarten. His sister Jessie is telling him everything he can expect. Dexter's dog Rufus is a little bit scared of starting kindergarten though. Dexter is enjoying his first day of kindergarten until he notices that Rufus is lost!Rufus was waiting in the toy bin at school and will stay at home now. Good to use for first day of school in Pre-K through 1st grade.

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